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Professional Irlam Mole Trapping Services

Full size moleMost people only have a vague idea on the nature of moles, scientists included. That could be so because moles live almost their entire lives underground. It is also difficult for scientists to study them while in captivity as a huge amount of food would be needed to feed them.

However, there are little known facts about moles such as:
• Moles weigh between 60 to 130 grams, though the males are larger
• An adult mole measures about 18 mm in length
• They have tiny eyes and pink fleshy snouts


In most cases, moles don’t live for more than three years, but there is some reach up to six years. They have many predators including humans who kill them for destroying their crops. Tawny owls and buzzards and animals such as stoats, dogs and cats are however their main predators.

The Origin and Distribution of moles

Moles can be found almost everywhere in Britain. Only 30 species are known to exist and it’s hard to know if there are more due to the kind of life moles lead. Most of the species exhibit the same habits. The biological name of the common mole found in Europe is Talpa europaea.


Both male and female moles live solitarily for a better part of the year, each occupying their own territories. Nests are normally built in their tunnel systems specifically to serve as areas for sleeping and raising the young. Females give birth to a litter of three babies, and they will be ready to leave the nest after five to six weeks.

Why professional Irlam mole trapping and control may be necessary

Mole in a molehillMoles are among the worst pests that can invade your farm. Their surface tunnels usually disturb plant roots to a point that they wilt and die. This is one of the main reasons why farmers, green-keepers and horticulturists need to call professionals in mole pest control. In addition to that, mole hills may also damage farm machinery. Unprofessional Irlam mole trapping does not only involve cruel techniques, but there are also slim chances of success.

Young’s Pest control service in mole control

Among the various pest control services offered by Young’s Pest Control is Irlam mole trapping. Recognizing that the fact that moles are hard to find in their tunnels, we have employed the latest technology that can be used. Some of our mole pest control equipment includes cameras and heat detectors. You can, therefore, be sure that your mole infestation problem is well taken care of once we leave your compound.