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Professional Irlam Rat Control

If you have a rat problem, as with any pest control problem, it's best to seek professional help. Rats often live together in large numbers. Even if you manage to capture one, it is likely there are many more nested in your property. They are also dangerous when threatened and carry disease. A trained professional is the only person who can completely get rid of rats from your property.

Signs of Irlam Rat Infestation

While rats generally stay hidden from humans, there are a number of signs to look out for that may indicate a potential pest control problem:

  • dirt and grease marks on floors or shelvesBrown Rat
  • droppings
  • nests in roof spaces and attics
  • bite marks in plastic or styrofoam containers
  • paw prints on dusty surfaces
  • piles of food
  • odours
  • scuttling sounds and squeaking, especially during nighttime

If you see any of these signs, a professional will be able to investigate deeper to ascertain whether or not you have a rat infestation and, if necessary, begin appropriate pest control treatment.

The Problems of Rat Infestation

Rats present a danger to humans and pets. They are known to carry disease, which can be spread through your home via urine and droppings. If a human comes into contact with this leavings, they can contract Well's Disease of Pasteurellosis, which can lead to pneumonia in severe cases. These diseases are particularly dangerous to young children, the elderly or pets.

Rats not only are a health hazard they also cause severe damage to the property that piles up unexpected costs along with it. They Gnaw on anything from wood to plastic to even electrical cables that can lead to a fire.

While rats tend to avoid humans, if cornered they will not hesitate to attack. Their sharp teeth can easily puncture the skin and our even more effective at transmitting disease. This is especially a concern for small children or pets. Due to the risk of rat bites, it is important not to attempt to get rid of rats by yourself. A trained professional will remove any rats without any danger to yourself or your family.

ratOur Irlam Rat Control Service

A Young's Pest Control treatment professional is fully trained to survey your rat problem and devise a custom Irlam rat control plan to ensure that all rats are removed from your property. This is accomplished through the placement of traps, careful deployment of rat poison and, once the current infestation is dealt with, rat-proofing your home. Our rat-proofing will ensure that, once you are rat free, you stay that way. Our professionals will check for any potential breaches in your home's infrastructure and ensure that they are sealed so that you never need to worry about ever having to get rid of rats again.