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Professional Ashton-in-Makerfield Mole Trapping and More 

Mole in a molehillMole control is crucial if you want to ensure a healthy and thriving backyard and garden. Moles have been known to dig under the ground, ruining landscapes and killing plants due to root damage.

Most homeowners find moles to be such a nuisance that they undertake mole trapping techniques using products available in stores. Although this may work, the result is temporary, and the moles come back higher. Note, though, that this is not true for moles. Other pests prevalent in the UK include but are not limited to gophers, skunks, and squirrels. This is why in most cases, hiring mole control and Ashton-in-Makerfield mole trapping specialists would be the best course of action.

Signs and Dangers of Pests

Signs of having pests in your yard may vary, depending on the pest in question. For example, moles often leave a distinct hole in the ground while gophers do the same but leave C-shaped holes on the floor. If you consistently notice disturbance and plants that are dying for no apparent reason, chances are, you have unseen pests all over. Remember that seeing one mole or gopher does not automatically mean you have a “small” pest problem. Underground, there could be dozens of these animals slowly building tunnels under your feet. These same pests can also carry diseases all over your house.

Hiring Young’s Pest Control Specialists

There are several advantages of having our specialists work on your lawn. First off, we have extensive experience in the field, allowing us to quickly pinpoint if you are dealing with moles or other pests in the garden. From there, we can locate the nest and get rid of all the moles at once.

Depending on your specific needs, specialists can also ensure that the moles are eradicated while keeping your plants safe. The targeted approach completely removes moles. Using the top of the line equipment, specialists are capable of employing techniques that you, as the homeowner, may not be aware of or have access to.

Why Go Local?

Full size moleLike all animals, pests have particular habits and activities depending on geography. Although they are active all year, there are specific times of the month when they are at their peak and would, therefore, need stringent Ashton-in-Makerfield mole trapping and control measures or other preventive treatments. Understanding the life cycles of these pests is something every employee endeavours to learn to be able to use the best possible eradication methods.

A local company like Young’s Pest Control would be able to predict precisely when this excessive mole activity takes place, advising homeowners on what to do to get the best results.

If you currently have a mole dilemma, we gladly offer our services with years of extensive experience when it comes to pest and mole control. Composed of excellent staff and high-tech equipment, we are more than capable of assessing your lawn and eradicating pests and all signs of their activity.

Keep your home and yard safe and healthy through routine pest control. Young’s Pest Control services a large part of the UK area and welcomes all types of questions and inquiries about our service.