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Professional Swinton Mole Trapping: Key things to Know

If you suspect there are moles in your garden or yard, you should contact a Swinton mole trapping and control expert as soon as possible. Garden or European moles are common in the UK. Their constant digging results in damaged lawns, turfs, gardens and even sports grounds.

Mole facts
Full size mole
An adult mole has the ability to dig up to 4 meters an hour. In a day, they are able to burrow deep in the ground creating a complex tunnel system. This is why they are able to quickly establish themselves in a location. Tunnels used by the moles to travel to and from the feeding areas can be found deep in the soil. On the other hand, those used while feeding are usually found just below the surface

Moles have poor eyesight and their sense of smell is also wanting. So how are they able to find their food? A mole has a highly developed sense of vibration and touch. This is how they are able to find the earthworms that they feed on.

It is important to note that the presence of many molehills does not mean the presence of many moles. After all, a mole can dig up to 6 hills in an hour. Moreover, the biggest molehill is not always the newest. To be sure if you have an infestation, it is advisable to talk to Swinton mole trapping professionals like Young’s pest control.

Moles are insectivores. Apart from insects, they also feed on worms.

Mole moundSigns of moles
Sure signs that there are moles in your garden include:

•The presence of molehills
•Distinct raised ridges on your yard which are as a result of the moles tunnelling.

Why you should consider mole control
If you treasure your lawn, you should contact a Swinton mole trapping and control expert at the first sign of moles. This is why:

•Moles damage the roots of your plants and flowers.
•Their tunnelling leads to the formation of ridges and hills which make the lawn look unsightly.
•Lastly, they expose debris and stones that can damage machines such as lawn mowers.

Why you should hire mole trapping professionals
There are a number of reasons why you should hire mole control experts. For starters, they are experienced and knowledgeable. Accordingly, they are able to pinpoint the specific areas where mole activity is present. Mole pest control experts like Young's pest control can also give advice on appropriate treatments to deal with the problem.