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Professional Eccles Mole Trapping

Do you have mole holes around your garden and house? Then you need Eccles mole trapping when undertaken safely by the qualified staff of Young's Pest Control. Mole control unlike any complicated and undoubtedly hazardous DIY mole pest control. A common garden and lawn nuisance, moles can be found almost anywhere in the United Kingdom as well as North America and Asia.

UK Moles

Full size moleMoles in the United Kingdom have known pests because of their tunnelling and lawn damage. Lesser known but equally important is the fact that they will cause damage to:

  • Wires (including electrical)
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Plants

We Keep Watch

Don't waste time and money with inferior home products. We will take care of Eccles mole trapping and mole control. Ring us no matter the hour. We offer the same rates whether it is weekend, evening, or middle of the day. At Young's Pest Control we are proud to stand by what we do.

Solitary and Territorial

Once adults, moles prefer to be alone. Two together may fight viciously - don't try to intervene and keep pets and children far away if you see this happening! Their size can be anywhere from two to eighteen cm long depending on their age, and at one year the baby moles can now make little moles (one of the few times moles will tolerate each other). In weight, moles are anywhere from 60 to 130 grams.

Tunnel Champions

  • Mole in a molehillThey dig massively long and far-reaching tunnel networks
  • Sleep in four-hour shifts between digging
  • Work around the clock
  • Nearly blind, with eyes protected by fur which falls over them
  • Primary senses are smell and touch
  • Primary senses are smell and touch

After two months mole babies are ready to start digging and finding their own food underground. Luckily females only have one litter per year, however, there can be as few as three or as many as six moles per litter. Eccles mole trapping and control, please!

Young's Pest Control Works Like Moles

We fix the problem, and we do not take four-hour naps on the job! On-call available for you 24/7, Young's Pest Control arrives at your mole problem speedily and provides humane trapping and more. Your mole infestation can be solved for a reasonable price.