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Whitefield Honey Bee Nest Removal

Don't Be Tempted To Leave Them To It

Honey Bee HiveHoney bee control can be a contentious subject if you're not fully aware of just what these pests are capable of.

Many people will shudder at the thought of needing to carry out Whitefield honey bee nest removal, worrying about the effects it'll have on bees and the environment. However, if the problem is causing bother in your home or office, honey bee control is an unfortunate necessity.

Similarly, whilst they may not have made a nest yet, honey bee swarm removal is an equally important step to consider, if you wish to eliminate the problem before it becomes worse.

What Are The Signs?

The signs of a honey bee hive are quite obvious. A typical nest will contain around 50,000 bees (meaning Whitefield honey bee nest removal can be a dangerous job for the untrained) and with this many in the locality, you are bound to experience a heavy presence of bees in the home or garden.

As mentioned, honey bee swarm removal is also another service you may wish to consider; the signs of a swarm are less obvious, but will typically consist of a smaller number of honey bees congregating around trees, eaves or wall openings. This is the bees' method of testing for a new nest location, so the safest course of action is to remove them before your problem necessitates a more expensive and involved Whitefield honey bee hive removal.

Honey Bee swarm in treeWhat Can I Do To Get The Bees Out Of My Home?

Simply put, the average homeowner should not attempt any kind of Whitefield honey bee nest removal, swarm removal or hive extraction. With such a large number of pests ready to sting if the colony is threatened, the risks are too high to justify saving a few pounds. The other consideration is that honey bees typically form swarms and nests in locations that are hard for us to reach, meaning you will most likely end up on a step ladder, running the risk of a fall or similar accident.

Young's Pest Control deal with pest control on a daily basis, and honey bees are just one of the areas where we can help. Our prompt service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will mean that after just one call, you can forget about removing the pests yourselves; we'll take the headache on for you.