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Middleton Honey Bee Nest Removal Services

If you have honey bees on your property then you want a fast and efficient solution. Young's Pest Control provides first honey bee removal services for home and business locations. Learn what you should do if you believe that there are honey bees on your property and why you need the services of a professional Middleton honey bee nest removal service.

Key Information About Honey Bees

Honey bee colony are composed of male drones, female worker bees and a single queen. Honey bees are herbivores and play an important role in pollination and producing honey. Honey bees are approximately the size of a single paper clip and have a brown, hairy appearance. The worker honey bee can measure up to 15mm in length and the queen can measure up to 20mm.

What You Should Do If You Identify A Honey Bee Infestation On Your Property

Honey Bee HiveIf you have a honey bee honey infestation on your property you should take the following steps to protect yourself:

* Close the windows, doors and other ventilation points on your home

* Make sure that the members of your household maintain a safe distance from the hive at all times. If you have a pet make sure that they are not able to approach the colony.

* Cover up any food sources or exposed garbage.

* When around the hive avoid wearing brightly coloured clothing or perfume

* Do not swat at the bees or attempt to remove the hive yourself.

Honey Bee swarm in tree* If you are approached by the bee remain still until it has flown past you.

* To remove the hive contact a professional honey bee hive removal service.

Why You Need Expert Honey Bee Control

It is important that you use a trained honey bee control professional to remove the honey bee hive from your property. A honey bee removal technician will have the personal protective equipment to remove the hive without exposing themselves or anyone else to danger.

Discrete And Professional Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Young's Pest Control offers discrete honey bee swarm removal services. We can provide advice as to the best Middleton honey bee nest removal options over the phone. Our Middleton honey bee nest removal specialists are friendly, discrete and ready to answer any questions you may have about the removal process.