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Bury Pest Control Treatments

Many species of animal can become a pest, in the household or at a place of business. Sometimes occupants notice right away that a pest is present, such as when a bird or squirrel gets into the home. Other times it is more subtle and the only signs are damage to the building and droppings that keep turning up. Either way, fast and effective pest removal service is needed to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring.

Health Risks from Pests

Leaving the job of pest removal up to a professional Bury pest control service is a good idea since the technicians who apply the treatment have the experience and training to handle any pest safely. With one-hour emergency service and 24-hour availability, Young's Pest Control

Brown RatMany pest species can pose a serious health risk to the building occupants:
- mice and rats carry disease which can be transmitted to humans and pets
- bees, wasps and ants can all cause painful stings
- many people are allergic to insect stings
- larger pests such as birds and foxes may become aggressive and bite if they encounter people or pets
- rodents can chew on electrical wires, causing a fire hazard
- droppings from a variety of pets may contain bacteria, fungal spores or other allergens that can trigger asthma attacks, and are generally unsanitary

In addition, applying a Bury pest control treatment often means getting into tight places or scaling ladders, which can be difficult for individuals with vertigo, claustrophobia or a fear of heights, especially if the animal in question starts attacking.

Types of Pest Control

The exact method used to control a pest will be determined by the species and the location and extent of the infestation. In general, larger pest species such as birds, squirrels and foxes are controlled using humane trap and release methods.

Insect pests are generally controlled using some form of insecticide, whether sprayed or used as a food bait. Sometimes heat treatments are used to control pests such as bedbugs that may be resistant to insecticides. Rodent pests may be controlled using a combination of traps or insecticides, and by taking measures to resolve the situation that led to the problem in the first place, such as improper food storage.

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