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Top Information on Expert Prestwich Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee HiveEven though honey bees are important insects, sometimes they can be a real pest. For instance, a beehive in the home can be a great danger to both pets and humans. Bees can become very aggressive more so if their nest is disturbed. Additionally, bees can sometimes trigger conflicts with humans when they invade homes in search of sugary fluids when flowers become scarce.

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

A honey bee swarm may take refuge in the home for a while as scout bees look for the best place to nest in. However, a honey bee swarm is not likely to cause trouble unless it is positioned in an area where human activity is inevitable. The best way to handle such a swarm is to call an expert for professional honey bee swarm removal. Honey bee control experts will easily relocate the swarm so that your home remains secure.

A honey bee hive can be easily relocated than an already established beehive. It is, then, necessary that you seek the aid of honey bee control experts before the swarm decides to nest in your attic or chimney. Honey bee control becomes very hard once they have established a nest and has a brood to protect. This is when they can attack anyone who tries to interfere with their nest in any way. A few facts about honey bees include:

  • They can nest in hollow trees, roof spaces, wall cavities and chimneys
  • A properly established honey bee colony can carry up to 30,000 insects
  • They make honey from nectar
  • They are almost the same size as wasps but hairier

Common Problems Caused By Honey Bees 

Honey Bee swarm in treePrestwich honey bee nest removal is a sure way of averting conflicts between bees and humans. Bees always attack in large numbers inflicting great pain on the attacked persons. When they sting, they release venom into the body of their foe causing the skin to swell. At the same time, many people are allergic to a bee sting. Those allergic to their stings can even die if stung by several bees. Lastly, both the wall and the ceiling can be damaged by honey if the hive is located in a roof space. You can only cure all your honey bee related problems through employing a pest control company for proper Prestwich honey bee nest removal treatment.

First-Rate Honey Bee Hive Removal Service

Everyone fears the risk of being attacked by bees. In order to assure your family of safety, call Young’s Pest Control today for a completely tailored Prestwich honey bee nest removal service.