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Blackley Pest Control 

Sometimes it does not matter how clean your space is; pests can be a nuisance. Pest invasion is a significant Blackley Mice & Rat controlproblem in both residential and commercial properties. If pests have invaded your residential or business premises, get Blackley pest control services to get rid of your pest invasion before the pests cause further damage to your property. Some of the pests we tackle include:

 • Birds

 • Pigeons

 • Flees

 • Cockroaches

 • Spiders

 • Ants

 • Wasps

 • Insects

 • Vermin

 • Rats

 • Bedbugs

 • Bees

 Some of the risks of not eliminating the pests from your property include:

 • Disease transfer from pests to humans

 • Some pests cause allergies from their venom.

 • House damage

 • Food and water contamination

 • Pest droppings in the property

 • Attacks from stinging pests such as wasps and bees

 Blackley Pest control offers treatment for residential and commercial properties for the most common pests safely and gets rid of the pests permanently. Let’s have a look at some of the primary services we offer:

 Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

 Getting a wasp or a bee sting is an excruciating Blackley wasp nest removalexperience, and in some cases, it is life-threatening, especially for people who are allergic to the stings. However, you can reduce the risk of getting stung by taking precautions outdoors and ensuring that the wasp nests are well managed.

 Wasp nest removal treatment can be pretty dangerous. It is therefore essential to rely on professional help to get it done safely for you.

 If you have ever gotten a wasp sting, chances are you will want to avoid that experience again. The wasp problem can be a distraction at the workplace for your customers and employees as well. To ensure that your business runs smoothly, all you need to do is contact us.

 We will remove the wasp nest after professional treatment, which may take several days. This is mainly because it takes several days for the foraging wasps to go back to their nests. Therefore, we wait for a couple of days to ensure that all the returning wasps to the colony are dealt with at once to avoid forming a new colony.

 We have developed a unique and professional way to deal with wasp nests over the years while offering our professional services.

 Mice & Rat Control

 If you are searching for a permanent way to get rid of rats from your residential or business premises, professional services are the quickest and most effective way to do so. We offer expert services for rat control and long term solutions for rat infestation.

 Rats are frightening sometimes, especially when

Blackley mice & rat controlthey make sudden movements and noises at night. Rats that inhabit your business premises can pose a significant threat to the products and also cause damage to the business premises.

 Rats also pose a health hazard to the people in the building by transmitting diseases, and sometimes rats cause fires by chewing through electrical wires. This is why it is essential to get professional services the first time you notice a rat infestation.

 At Blackley, we have qualified technicians equipped with global knowledge and innovation that help to rid of the rats. We have rat control solutions for both your home and business premises. The treatments are safe and guarantee fast removal of the rats.

 We have a range of Mice & Rat Control treatments customized to the needs of our clients. The treatments are safe for families in the case of residential therapies as well as pests. Our treatments are also scientifically tested to ensure ultimate success and help avoid reinfestation. We use a rat bait station as a great way of controlling rat infestation. The bait stations are safe for kids and pets.

 We also offer expert advice on how to prevent reinfestation.

 When you see any sign of any pest infestation, contact Blackley pest control because we guarantee the following:

 • Services offered by trained technicians

 • Reliability

 • Fast response

 • Expert advice on prevention

 • Great customer support

 • We are affordable

 • Services is insured

 Contact us today to get rid of the pests.

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