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Professional Radcliffe Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerIt’s often said that the honey bee does a lot of good in nature by pollinating flowers and producing honey, but it’s also often said that this insect can be quite dangerous when defending its nest. Their sting contains venom that can cause a great deal of pain, so residents rely on the services of Young’s Pest Control when a honey bee control problem arises.

The experts at Young’s Pest Control have experience in handling cases of Radcliffe honey bee nest removal and, as such, will be able to deal with a problem in an efficient and professional manner, at affordable rates.

Honey bees defend in numbers

The honey bee can nest in all manner of places including burrows, lofts, wall cavities, and sheds. Most problems arise when a nest is in or around someone’s property, and when this happens, residents have no choice but to come close to a nest and risk the wrath of this aggressive insect.

Their instinctive behavior is to attack an intruder by stinging in numbers, which can have devastating consequences for the recipient. There have been cases of people having heart attacks from the sheer pain dished-out by such an attack.

It goes without saying that a Radcliffe honey bee nest removal should be left to the professionals. If you notice a greater number of honey bees patrolling the area, or entering or leaving holes, don’t hesitate to call Young’s Pest Control for Radcliffe honey bee nest removal and honey bee hive removal.

Calling our honey bee swarm removal services

Honey Bee swarm in treeA honey bee hive can contain many thousands of bees, all working towards reproducing and producing honey. Once there is no space left to contain any further bees, some will gather on the outside, creating an intimidating swarm, which signals the start of a search for a new nesting place in the area.

A section of the hive will break off and swarm towards any place they can rest or establish a colony. A swarm is not aggressive and can easily be moved to a suitable location, rather than near a property. If they swarm towards a property, however, they could settle in cracks in walls and roofs. This makes it all the more important to call on Young’s Pest Control's honey bee swarm removal services if there is a honey bee control concern close-by.