Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Expert Westhoughton Wasp Nest Removal Treatments

The hornet wasp is one of the most aggressive wasps encountered in Europe. The largest of the hornet wasps measure up to 5.5 cm. While the hornet wasp usually pays on caterpillars and infects, they can also be a serious danger to larger animals and pets.

The sting of this wasp is high in acetylcholine, which makes it very painful for humans when stung. Both animals and small children may go into shock if stung multiple times or attacked en masse. Being swarmed by wasps is a particular danger because they are able to communicate using pheromones. This allows them to attack as a group rather than as individuals. The best way to avoid the danger is to be able to identify a wasp nest and then to hire the services of a professional Westhoughton wasp nest removal service to remove the infestation.

How To Identify The Wasp Nest

wasp-nest-removal-300x199The Queen wasp will build up a cell-based nest constructed from wood pulp. After the first larvae have metamorphosised into worker wasps, they take over the tasks of protecting and building the nest. The wasp nest is built in vertical layers with the inner layers being used to store food and raise the young. As the wasp nest grows it will take on an oval shape or in some cases appears like an inverted teardrop.

Wasp nests are most commonly located in protected in sheltered places around the property. Wasp nests are also often formed in higher places than bees nests. Common locations to find a wasp nest include:

* Under the deck
* Beneath the eaves of the roof
* Inside the loft
* Between the outer and inner walls of the building
* In the shed
* In piled wood

If you have located wasp nest you need to contact a Westhoughton wasp control service to have it properly removed. A Westhoughton wasp removal service will be able to use a Westhoughton wasp nest removal treatment to completely eliminate the nest and the wasp infestation. Do not try to apply a wasp nest removal treatment yourself as this may lead to you being attacked by the worker wasps.