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Professional Westhoughton Bed Bug Treatment

bedbugDespite their name, bedbugs are in no way restricted to infesting beds. Anywhere that you may spend a period of time relatively motionless is a viable target. This can be a sofa, in your car or in commercial premises like a cinema. They spend most of their time hidden in minute crevices, emerging when they detect the body heat and exhaled CO2 from a potential host. This elusive nature means that an intensive solution such as bed bug fumigation may be required to remove the pests.

What are the signs?

Bedbug infestations are difficult to diagnose as the signs can be similar to those of other pests. Mosquitoes often get the blame for the marks left by bedbugs. They do look similar but bedbugs will often leave bite marks in a straight line on the skin. Mosquito bites would be more scattered. Young's pest control is trained to spot the evidence, identify the culprit, and administer effective Bed Bug Treatment and Removal Services in Westhoughton.

Another unpleasant sign would be small blood stains on the bedding where the bug has detached. You won't feel the bite at the time due to the anaesthetic properties of bedbug saliva, but you will feel the itch later on. From the minute dropping to the discarded skins, Young's pest control can always spot the signs.

Are they dangerous?

Not so much dangerous as a pest and an annoyance. The bedbug has the nasty habit of targeting the face, head and neck. This is because they detect the carbon dioxide in our breath and head towards it. Constantly waking up with itchy red marks on your face isn't pleasant. Young's are experts in bed bug treatment and will help get you bug-free in no time.

How can we get rid of them?

Bed BugBed bugs are hard to find and they lay a lot of eggs. This allows their population to increase rapidly. They can also go for long periods without food and tolerate harsh conditions. All of these facts make bed bug treatment a hard task. Tackling the problem on your own may result in the removal of some bugs, but it will likely mean that some are left behind. The eggs are even harder to locate and remove. Bed bug fumigation is a reliable method of bed bug removal. Young's pest control has the tools and know-how to implement a constructive bed bug treatment. We are discrete and will handle your bed bug control needs with minimal fuss.