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Westhoughton Cockroach Control Specialists

Hardy Pests Which Require Professional Treatment!

Cockroaches are visually repulsive; not just because of their slimy appearance and scurrying movement, but also because every person who sees them knows that they carry risks. However, you needn't live in fear if you see one or more of these pests in your home or place of work. Young's Pest Control is skilled in all areas of cockroach treatment and can deal with the problem for you.

About Cockroaches

German CockroachCockroaches have been around for thousands of years and have changed very little in that time. Their hardy build and ability to scurry in and out of the most inhospitable areas means that just about any home, office or building has somewhere that they can create a nest and thrive.

They are fairly simple to spot; they range from half an inch to two inches in size, are normally light to dark brown or black colour. They have six legs and a set of long antennae.

Shell casings from cockroaches may be nearby; these are oval shaped cases that have been left behind by recently hatched cockroaches. You may well also find what looks like ground pepper in the vicinity of the infestation; this will be a mix of faecal matter and regurgitated food. Dead cockroaches are often found about the home.

Warm, moist areas attract cockroaches the most; it is because of this that they are often found in both domestic and commercial kitchens, brought in by dirty crockery, and the abundance of warm liquids.

Dangers of Cockroaches

Because of their preference for kitchens and food stores, proper Westhoughton cockroach control is essential. They have been known to carry many different types of human pathogens, tapeworms and bacteria such as e-coli and leptospirosis.

Dead cockroachesBy their very nature, cockroaches tend to burrow through walls and the ground, so structural damage over a long period of time is a very real possibility. Quick, preventative Westhoughton cockroach control can start at home, but for health and safety purposes, the problem really is best left to a professional pest controller.

This is where Young's can help. We have many years of experience in Westhoughton cockroach control and can see the problem through from start to finish. Our cockroach treatment will be tailored to your circumstances, meaning we will not carry out a potentially ineffective 'one size fits all' cockroach control method. Our friendly, trained staff will ensure that, from the moment you spot the signs, we will take the problem on, eradicate it and ensure that you can once again rest easy in your own home.