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Professional Swinton Rat Control

Brown RatOne of the pests that have plagued mankind from time immemorial is the rat. There are different rat species; with the brown rat (common rat) and the black rat is the most common. The brown rat’s tail is shorter than its body and head. It grows quite large and can weigh between 100g to 500g. The black rat’s tail is long and thin, it is shorter than the brown rat, and weighs half as much.

Rat habitat

Rats can thrive anywhere there is a shelter, food, and water. They are found outside in rubbish dumps, sewers, food stores, sheds, and beneath buildings. They are great climbers and therefore live inside buildings in the kitchen, attic, bathroom, ceilings, cupboards, wall cavities, and beneath floorboards.

Damage caused by rats

Rats mature fast and breed rapidly. Their incisors grow continually, and since they are omnivores, they can gnaw on almost anything. If they are allowed to thrive, they can damage furniture, books, and clothes. They can also cause extensive damage to pipes, wires, cables, and woodwork. Their gnawing on electric wire is also known to cause house fires.

Health problems caused by rats

Rats pose a major health hazard to pets and humans. They spread diseases through their bites and scratches, and their fleas, mites, and ticks can also cause allergic reactions. In addition, they eat food and contaminate it with their droppings, urine and hair. This could lead to diseases such as Weil’s disease, food poisoning (salmonellosis), trichinosis, rat-bite fever, and murine typhus.

How to identify a Swinton rat infestation

Rats are clever creatures that can live discreetly inside and outside the home. It is therefore not easy to know that you have a rat infestation. If you see one rat, there is most likely a larger colony nearby. Other telltale signs include footprints in the dust, smears around pipes, gnawing marks, droppings, nesting sites, holes, scratching noises, and ammonia-like urine smell.

Why you should hire professionals to get rid of rats

ratOnce you discover rat infestation or any other pests in your home, it is advisable to use professional Swinton rat control treatment immediately. Trying to get rid of rats and other pests on your own can be an uphill task as these creatures are known to be very stubborn. It can also be quite expensive in the long run as you only solve the problem temporarily.

The most efficient, safest, and quickest method of Swinton rat control is the use of professional pest control treatment. These professionals have the knowledge and experience in dealing with all kinds of pests. Professional pest control treatment deals with the root cause of the problem provide permanent solutions and advise clients on how to prevent a recurrence. They offer high-quality services at competitive prices.