24-Hour Broadbottom Rat Control Treatment

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Professional Pendlebury Rat Control

Brown RatAt Young's Pest Control we specialise in eliminating rats and other types of pests. Our Pendlebury rat control technicians will conduct a survey of your residence, followed with a specific treatment to ensure that we eliminate the rat population in the quickest and most humane manner possible.

Every treatment used by Young's pest control is compliant with the highest health and safety standards. Young's pest control technicians are fully trained, qualified and registered to use these pest control treatments. Our experienced technicians understand the habits of rats and use that knowledge in order to select the best pest control treatments and methods in order to develop an effective pest control program. Our technicians will arrive at your home in discrete unbranded vehicles so that nobody else has to know about your Pendlebury rat infestation.

Signs That You May Have Rats

These pests will often avoid the company of humans which can make it more difficult to get rid of rats. However, there are signs look for that you have a rat infestation. Some signs of rats on your property include:

* Rat droppings which are black in colour and approximately the size of a small sesame seed

* Nesting material

* An unpleasant odour near the main point of infestation

* Rat burrows near the entrance to your residence, garage or shed.

* Grease or dirt marks left by the rats

* Scratching or squeaking sounds from above the ceiling, walls or floorboards

Rats will not usually be present during the day and instead come out at night in order to look for food. Rats tend to stay relatively close to their nests typically within a 40 m approximately.

ratWhy You Should Get Rid Of Rats Promptly
During the colder months of winter and water rats become an even greater problem. Rats will seek out warmth and food inside of buildings. Rats are frequently sighted if there is a ready water supply nearby such as canals, creeks or waterways. When rats enter the building they will often live near the kitchen, rubbish areas, inside of the roof or under the floorboards. Rats like to look for areas where there are moisture and food available. One of the problems of a rat infestation is that rats will gnaw through practically anything in order to get at water or food. This means that they may damage water pipes, electrics or joists, fires are also a big risk that comes along with their gnawing.

If you believe that there may be rats on your property then call Young's pest control. A Pendlebury rat control technician will be despatched your property to evaluate your infestation. They will be able to develop a pest control treatment which is tailored to your particular rat problem. Rats can breed very quickly and say you shouldn't delay having a Pendlebury rat control service visit your home.