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Professional Hyde Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bees are insects that are very beneficial to the environment. Not only do they produce honey, but they also help immensely in the pollination of edible plants. The bees are wonderful creatures, but like everything else, they can become a nuisance in the wrong place. If there is a bee colony near your home, then it becomes a pest and honey bee swarm removal must be done.

Known facts about honey bees

The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) pollinating of The Aster (Symphyotrichum dumosum).-> A honey bee colony consists of the queen, the drones and the workers. The queen bee only lays the eggs. The drones are sexually active males whose main activity is to mate with the queen. The workers do all the work around the nest.

-> Honey bees are well known for pollinating, in the process of gathering nectar and pollen as food for themselves.

-> Bees swarm usually in spring/summer because this is the time that their colony becomes too large for them. They swarm with the purpose of looking for a new location to set up home.

Honey bees as pests

-> Honey bees often set up nests in undesirable places like wall cavities. When this happens, the honey can sometimes even melt and seep through the walls, enticing other pests.

-> Honey bees can carry diseases. Since they are bloodsuckers, their stinging will lead to them sucking blood from you and then spitting out someone else's blood.

-> Honey bee stings are painful. Many people are even allergic to the stings, which can become really severe in some cases.

Honey bee hive removal

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombHyde honey bee nest removal must not be done by inexperienced people. Honey bees can get very aggressive, so only experts must be called for this purpose. At Young's Pest Control, we have experienced beekeepers, who have been fully trained in the practice of honey bee hive removal, honey bee swarm removal, and general honey bee control.

Honey bees are a protected species, but if they become a pest around the home, honey bee control must be done. Our experts go for Hyde honey bee nest removal as humanely as possible, depending on the situation. In extreme cases of infestation, we also have methods of eradicating the bees completely. Our effort will be to remove the honey bees from your property and relocate them at a suitable place, but it might not always be possible.