Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Bumblebees are useful animals that are important for ecological and agricultural reasons but can become pests if they nest too close to the home or garden, or in an inconvenient spot. Britain has several natural and established species of bumblebee, but recently has seen the immigration of new species from Europe. Some of these, like the tree bumblebees, are more of a pest because of their behaviour. When attempting Hyde bumblebee control, it is a good idea to play it safe and call in experts with experience in bumblebee removal techniques.

Many different species of bumblebee live in the UK, and they are often the first insects seen buzzing around in the spring, pollinating early flowers. Tree bumblebees are easily recognized by their ginger "fur", which makes them stand apart from the more common yellow and black striped bees. They are of particular concern for homeowners because they are more likely to form nests in places like bird boxes and attic spaces, which are closer to the home. This makes them more likely to cause a problem for their human neighbours.

There are two main reasons the tree bumblebee causes problems - noise, and aggressive behaviour. Noise becomes a problem when a colony forms a nest in an attic, wall space or other crevices inside the home - the buzzing noise coming from the ceiling in these cases can be quite alarming and disruptive, as bees tend to be active into the late evening when people are trying to sleep.

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The tree bumblebee is also particularly defensive of its home, compared to other bee species. Homeowners often notice them because of their tendency to hover in small groups around the opening of the nest - this is nest surveillance, carried out by drones on the lookout for threats. They are also particularly sensitive to vibrations, and activities like opening and closing doors or using power tools can trigger many bees to swarm out of the nest.

Professional BumbleBee Removal

Ideally, Hyde bumblebee control consists of relocating the nest to somewhere where it won't cause problems, but this is difficult to do without angering the bees and risking a sting. Sometimes there is no alternative but to use insecticide sprays. In either case, calling in experts like the knowledgeable staff at Young's Pest Control is the best way to handle Hyde bumblebee control to be sure it is done safely and properly.