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Professional Hyde Rat Control

Brown RatRats are carriers of disease and are considered to be the most unclean of animals. If you have discovered rats inside or around your property, you may well have a rat infestation problem and will, therefore, need help with Hyde rat control. We are experts at pest control treatment and we can help you get rid of rats as quickly as possible, please give us a call today.

What diseases can rats carry?

The main reason that you need to get rid of rats quickly is that of safety, you certainly do not want to be exposed to any of them, potentially fatal diseases that rats have been known to pass onto humans. Not only do they carry diseases but also cause dire damage to property mainly due to their habit of gnawing, they are even known to be a common cause to fire from them gnawing on electrical cables. Rats, for instance, are still today, carriers of bubonic plague, can you remember learning about this in school? It caused one of the worst pandemics in our history, and whilst your Hyde rat infestation isn't going to affect the whole world in such a devastating way, the disease could be passed to you through bites from rat fleas. Rat-bite fever is another nasty illness that rats can cause, indeed this illness is fatal in around 10% of cases where symptoms are left untreated. Salmonella can also be spread through rat droppings coming into contact with food and there are many other diseases that you've probably never even heard of but are still as nasty. All in all, you need to perform pest control treatment as soon as possible, so give us a call.

Why you shouldn't try and get rid of rats yourself

ratYou don’t want to attempt Hyde rat control without the right protective equipment. You certainly don’t want to risk receiving a bite from a rat, since there is the danger of rat-bite fever previously discussed. You also should not be tempted to purchase insecticides from a store to perform a do it yourself job. These insecticides are often diluted for safety reasons as they are being used by non-professionals. It is too often the case that these diluted insecticides do not perform well, and do not perform rat removal. Please do not waste your money on these products, call us, we have access to full strength insecticides and the professional knowledge to clear up your rat infestation today. We also are able to provide advice regarding the precautions that you and your family should take after the use of insecticides.

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