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Professional Hyde Mole Trapping


Full size moleThe most common species of mole found in the UK is the common mole (Talpa europaea). Typically, the common mole is 12-18cm in length and weighs roughly 60-130grams. Its physical features include sharp teeth, small eyes, a body covered in dark hair, a short hairy tail, and a long and bare snout. A fully matured mole is a very solitary creature and will only be found close to each for a short period of time during mating season. They are insectivores, which means that they only feed on insects (mainly earthworms and grubs).


Some of the main problems caused by common mole are damage to gardens in homes and damage to agricultural land.

1) Damage to yards in homes -moles burrow under the yard and raise molehills, usually killing or damaging the grass in the yards during the process. -moles are also known to eat plant roots and can kill or damage plants in your garden.
2) Damage to agricultural land -similar to the damage done in yards, moles burrow around on farmland, raising dirt mounds and reducing the general size of land that can be used for farming -another issue is the potential damage to young crops and plants, due to the unsettling of the soil during the burrowing process

Mole Control/Mole Trapping

Mole in a molehillDue to the solitary, underground, nature of moles, there is very little general information for the average person on mole pest control. That is why it is always best to call a Hyde mole trapping expert. The mole control expert can effectively identify where the mole travels often and use the appropriate methods to catch and remove the mole. There are two methods that the professional can use to eliminate the mole problem, gassing and trapping.

1) Gassing - The professional will use the appropriate gas generating tool in the burrows to eliminate the mole problem. This is helpful in situations where poison is not permitted.
2) Hyde Mole Trapping - The professional will identify the most travelled pathway of the mole and set up a trap to effectively catch the problematic mole

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