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Young's Pest Control for Professional Hyde Bed Bug Treatment

The bed bug, Cimex lectularius, an infestation is a devastating and depressing situation encountered by countless homes and businesses.

Bed BugThe appearance of Bed Bugs
Adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye and are similar in shape to lentils. Bed bugs are oval-like in shape and appear to be reddish-brown in colour. They are flat and approximately 5 mm in length.

What do Bed Bugs do?
These pests suck on human blood by crawling out at night and biting uncovered skin. (Bed bugs are naturally attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide given off by humans.) Some people will develop itchy red bumps on their skin approximately one to nine days after they have been bitten on their face, neck, hands, and arms. (Bed bug bites tend to appear in straight lines on the skin.) Although bed bugs bite and suck on human blood, most people do not develop any type of serious skin reaction since they are not carriers of any type of disease.

Why are Bed Bugs a Nuisance?
Bed bugs are able to replicate quickly because female bed bugs will lay about 200 to 500 eggs within two months. As a result, if there are 5 female bugs and they each lay around 300 eggs, a grand total of 1500 bed bugs will eventually hatch. Although it is important that bed bugs have blood to suck on in order to mature, adult bed bugs can survive a whole year without feeding. Thus, they are quite resilient, and Hyde bed bug treatment, bed bug control and bed bug fumigation are extremely important in getting rid of these troubling pests.

Locations Where Bed bugs can be Found
-Mattress seams
-Bed frame joints
-Behind mirrors
-Inside smoke alarms
-Carpet edges

Bed Bug TreatmentBed bug infestation is not indicative of an unclean home, because these pests are not attracted to dirt. Bed bugs can spread very quickly so bed bug control, bed bug removal and Hyde bed bug treatment are extremely important. A professional pest control service can help businesses and homes in getting rid of bed bugs once and for all. Young’s Pest Control can help businesses and homes in Hyde bed bug treatment. The professionals are easily able to determine the extent of the infestation and utilize bed bug fumigation to get rid of these pests. Call Young's Pest Control and remove bed bugs now!