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Haughton Green Cockroach Control The main reason commercial and residential properties need pest control service at Haughton Green is obvious: they are gross! These uninvited guests that might infest your property are both unwelcoming and unsightly for guests and residents, and their safe, permanent and quick removal is Haughton Green Pest Control’s speciality.

 Pests removal is not just about getting rid of the pesky creatures - it is about creating a healthy environment. Most pests can pose dangers to your health and hygiene if left unchecked without proper pest control, and our pest control company ensures this never happens.

 Common health conditions posed by pest infestations

 Pests can act as carriers for allergens that irritate individuals with reactive medical conditions. Their shed skin and faecal droppings can become airborne as well, contaminating the air we breathe.

 This doesn’t even include the bacteria found on these creatures. Common pests like rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and mice are carriers for infectious illnesses and have to be exterminated by Haughton Green Pest Control lest they overrun.

 Here are some of the most common health hazards pests can leave you prey to.

 #1 – Asthma and respiratory issues

 Rodents and insects aren’t only nasty - they are also a health hazard, especially for individuals who have asthma and allergies. Cockroach droppings and carcasses usually release a protein, which triggers an allergic reaction in any susceptible individual. This can result in a life-threatening, severe asthma attack. 

 Remember that even if none of your close family members has asthma or any other respiratory problem, long-term exposure to pests and their droppings can harm the lungs. And as the infestation persists and grows, the chances of harm also increase exponentially. 

 Mice & rat control is a nearly impossible task for any layperson and so leave this to us. We will turn your property rodent-free in just a short time.

 #2 – West Nile Virus

 A mosquito bite can sometimes turn into something severe if it infects you with WNV (West Nile Virus). Mosquitoes spread WNV after biting an infected bird.

 Most people infected with the virus either don’t develop symptoms or signs or have minor ones like mild headache and fever. But some individuals develop life-threatening diseases, including inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. To be safe, consider seeking professional help from our specialists in eliminating mosquitoes.

 #3 – Hantavirus 

 Hantavirus causes a serious but rare lung illness known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Humans can contract this virus through inhalation of respirable droplets of urine and saliva or even through the dust of faeces from infected rodents. 

 Transmission can as well occur when contaminated materials get ingested in contaminated water and food or get into broken skin.

 The virus can result in everything from respiratory issues to fever and can sometimes be fatal in the most severe cases. Our specialist mice & rat control service usually approach the rodents’ infestation or overrun with fast-acting treatments, so get in touch!

 #4 – Leptospirosis 

 This is a bacterial illness that humans get from rodents. Once again, mice and rats’ urine and faeces are the primary culprits here. Without treatment, the disease can result in kidney damage, respiratory distress, liver failure, meningitis, and death.

 #4 - Wasp stings 

 Wasp stings are very common, especially in the warmer months. A wasp’s stinger typically contains a poisonous substance (venom) spread to people during a sting. Venom can cause irritation and pain. It is also possible to have a severe reaction to those allergic to the poisonous substance. 

 The wasp nest removal treatment provided in the shops are mostly temporary. Don’t worry - our wasp nest removal treatment eliminates the colonies permanently.

 In summary, it is crucial to take care of a pest Pest Control Companyoverrun when you first note the initial signs. Delaying can be a big mistake as infestation worsens over time, causing more danger to you and your family’s health.

 When it comes to effective and quick pest control in Haughton Green, Haughton Green Pest Control company has you covered. Please contact us, and we can help develop a personalised strategy to eliminate the unwanted creatures.