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Bromley Cross Wasp Nest Removal

As the warmer weather arrives there is often an issue of a rise in the levels of interaction between humans Bromley Cross Wasp nest removaland flying insects. In the UK, the problem mainly involves wasps. There are also some areas of the UK where hornets can be found, however, they are quite rare. There are several ways to avoid unfortunate incidents between humans and wasps as outlined below. Hornet and wasp control services are available, providing a safe and professional way to get rid of wasp nest issues.

Keeping safe

A first step to prevent wasp nest removal cost would be to fix 'fly screens' to the windows of the property to help prevent insects from entering during the warmer months when the windows are kept open. Furthermore, relocating waste bins away from the property and making sure the lids are securely fastened will reduce the chance of 'inviting' wasps on to a property.

During the spring it is a good idea to check around the property to see if there is any activity that suggests that a wasp nest maybe being built. Contacting a hornet and wasp control expert at the early stages of nest construction will reduce the wasp nest removal cost. A wasp exterminator will be highly competent and have access to specialist equipment which will allow for safe and efficient removal of the problem.

It should be noted that a wasp sting can be very painful and, in some extreme cases, can result in an allergic reaction which may result in a victim being placed in the hospital for treatment.

Identifying the problem

While Hornet and Wasp Control services are Bromley Cross wasp nest removalavailable, Bromley Cross wasp nest removal will rarely be called upon to remove hornets as they are quite rare in the UK. Although hornets and wasps may look similar, the hornet will have brown and yellow stripes while the wasp will have black and yellow stripes. A wasp exterminator will identify and get rid of wasp nests efficiently and safely. UK wasps fall into two types which are the common (Vespula vulgaris) and German (Vespula Germanica).

When confronted with a wasp it is best not to provoke or antagonize it as it can secrete pheromones which will attract further wasps from the nest to assist.

Professional wasp exterminator

The use of a trained expert to remove wasps from a property is a good investment as it will keep the occupants safe from potentially painful stings. This is very important where children may be playing around the property. An examination of the site will be conducted to locate the source of the infestation. Common areas for the construction of a wasp nest would be under trees and bushes, in an adjacent shed or garage or under the eaves and in the wall cavities of the property.

The size of the nest can vary from just an inch or so in circumference to the size of a large football. The construction will start in the spring and eventually grow to support around 3-5,000 worker wasps and one queen. Workers have a lifespan of just 12-22 days while the queen may live more than twelve months.

Using appropriate equipment and tools, the exterminator will place an insecticide in the vicinity of the opening to the nest. The poison will be taken into the nest as the wasps enter, leading to its destruction. Once the nest has been abandoned the wasps will not return to it.


Early detection of a wasp nest will require an Bromley Cross wasp nest removalexamination of the area around the property during the spring. Precautions such as window screens and moving waste bins will assist but if a nest is found it is important to get professional help as soon as possible. While the nest remains small, the wasps will be less aggressive and less likely to sting so removal at this stage is preferable.

It is not advisable to undertake the removal of a nest without adequate knowledge and equipment to make sure the operation is completed safely.