Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Timperley Wasp Nest Removal

 The main reason for recruiting the assistance of professional pest removers for Timperley Wasp Nest Removal when dealing with a wasp nest on a Timperley Wasp Nest Removalproperty is due to the very real potential danger to anyone who tries to remove a nest without having the relevant skills and experience. The earlier the problem of a wasp nest is dealt with, the lower the chances of it become a danger to humans as the wasps will be less aggressive during the spring and early stages of nest development. 

Know your enemy

 The types of wasp found in the UK are generally the types known as Vespula vulgaris and German Wasps known as Vespula germanica. Both of these types of wasp are capable of inflicting a painful sting on humans if the wasps feel they are threatened. Some people can also suffer an allergic reaction to a wasp sting that may be potentially life-threatening. Consequently, it is necessary to get rid of wasp nest problems as soon as they are identified.

When a wasp feels threatened it will produce a Timperley wasp nest in shedpheromone which will attract further wasps to the scene. When the wasps are threatened they are more likely to sting as they swarm from their nest under these circumstances. It should be noted that a typical nest can contain 3,000 - 5,000 wasps so it is very important to get rid of wasp nests when the problem becomes apparent.

A typical wasp nest will appear to be only the size of a golf ball in the early stages, but this will develop and can be as large as a football. The lifespan of a 'worker' wasp is only between 12 and 22 days. However, a queen may live for 12 months of more.

It should be noted that Hornets are quite rate in the UK and are distinguished by having brown and black markings rather than the yellow and black of the wasp.

Why is a professional pest controller necessary?

 First of all it should be made clear that many people confuse bees and wasps. This is a major problem as bees are generally not threatening and are seen as benevolent in providing pollination for many plants and crops throughout the country. A professional will be able to provide accurate information and advise on wasp nest removal costs. The professional will have access to a wide range of equipment and pesticides which may not be available to the general public. The use of the correct protective clothing is vital to get rid of wasp nests safely and for complete Hornet and Wasp Control. Wasps will abandon a nest at the end of the summer and not return to it the following year.

By employing a professional wasp exterminator the problem of a nest on a property can be quickly and Timperley wasp nest removalsafely eliminated. The pest controller will apply an insecticide to the entrance of the nest which will cause the wasps to carry it inside as they enter. The insecticide will then be spread among the inhabitants of the nest and this will lead to its safe destruction.

Potential problem areas

 It is very common for wasp nests to be found in the following locations:

  • Under trees
  • In bushes
  • In wall cavities
  • Under eaves
  • In a shed or garage

 As there are a number of locations which may be the site of a wasps nest, the wasp nest removal cost will vary depending on the difficulty of reaching the nest and its size. A professional wasp exterminator will be able to provide a firm quote for undertaking any necessary Hornet and Wasp control which may be necessary.

In order to mitigate potential problems caused by a Timperley Pest Controlwasp nest on a property it is wise to take precautions such as keeping waste bins away from the property and keep their lids securely fastened. The first signs of a wasp nest in a vicinity will be indicated by wasp activity during the spring and summer months