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A Professional Liverpool Rat Control Service

Brown RatThe adage that you are never six feet away from a rat in the UK may not be strictly true, although there is no doubt that a considerable number of rodents live in urban areas. These can easily find a way into a building, and once they become established, it can be challenging to get rid of rats. That is why it is essential to use the services of professional Liverpool rat control experts. They have the experience and knowledge to arrange a pest control treatment that works, and Young’s Pest Control is an expert in this type of work.

Rat Species

The two species commonly found in the UK are the black rat and the brown rat. The black rat can grow to around 10 inches in length from nose to tail, while the brown rat is slightly more giant at about 15 inches long when fully grown. Both can enter properties in search of food and shelter, and whichever species takes up residence, it is essential to deal with a Liverpool rat infestation quickly.

Potential Problems

The health hazards they are known for mean Liverpool rat control is a priority for anyone that finds evidence of rodents on their property. Rats are diseases carriers and can pass these on to humans in different ways. A bite is the less likely transfer method, although it can happen. It is more common for diseases to be passed on through eating contaminated food or contact with rat faeces and urine. The gnawing habits of rats can also cause problems in a building, mainly if it is targeted at wires and cables. This can cause short circuits, power failures, and even fires in the worst cases.

How to Get Rid of Rats

ratThe professional pest control treatment operatives we employ will first assess a property to identify the full extent of the problem. They will then install a series of Liverpool rat control measures designed to clear the property of a rat infestation and ensure that it does not return. Our expert staff is trained to effectively target rat runs, nest sites, and feeding locations to ensure the complete eradication of the problem. This is why property owners are best advised to use professional services rather than tackle the problem themselves. If you want our advice and assistance to deal with rats, just give our friendly staff a call.