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Professional Formby Rat Control

Rats are becoming a growing problem:
It may seem the thing of horror movies or even just plain old scaremongering, but the rat population is growing in numbers and size at an alarming rate. That adage ‘you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat’ is not that far from the truth. With the spiders, the web of drainage and sewage systems under our cities and towns, rats can move almost anywhere undetected.

No longer a job for DIY:
ratFormby rat infestation is becoming more common across the land, and pest control treatment companies are receiving a much higher percentage of harassed householders enquiring how to get rid of rats. This is not a job for do-it-yourself. Part of the rat population explosion has been caused by the rats becoming immune to the old rat removal poisons.

Nowadays, Formby rat control is a job for the experts like Young’s Pest Control Company. Rat runs need to be found and baited correctly with the latest pest control treatment to ensure not just one rat is dealt with but also the nest, which will be underground somewhere in the area.

Rats get everywhere:
Rat infestation knows no boundaries. Not just the problem of big towns and cities, rats can materialise anywhere. Farms, market gardens and garden centres are just as likely to have to get rid of rats. So if you regularly see a rat in the park, don’t just ignore it. Significant problems can start to occur if they are allowed to find a way indoors. Besides the apparent disease risks, rats can cause significant structural damage, chewing their way through the timber, partition walls and electrical cables.

Look for the signs:
Brown RatLike most vermin, rats are generally nocturnal, but other signs will tell you if it’s time to start thinking about Formby rat control. For example, you may see rats dropping inside the house or in outhouses, chewing paper or material, gnawed woodwork, chewing sacks in storage areas or the sound of little feet in the roof space above you as you lay in bed.

Contact the experts:
Anything of this nature should have you reaching for the phone to contact Young’s Pest Control Company. They have specially trained staff who will look for the rat runs. Seek out the location of possible nests, and advise you on what to do to prevent the rats from taking further advantage of your hospitality.

Two rats can very quickly become an infestation. Please dSo doesn’t give them a chance, get the specialists in at the first sign, and save yourself from what could become a very twitchy problem.