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Professional Crosby Rat Control

Brown RatScary stuff:
The tabloids have recently been full of 'super rats, rats as giant as cats, and new rat plagues are about to hit us all. Okay, quiet news day, sensationalist reporting, anything to fill the column inches, but there is a frightening amount of truth in it all.

Crosby rat infestation problems are certainly on the increase, and rat removal is something a large percentage of households have to undertake sooner or later. Unfortunately, the problem may well have been lurking before anyone see's the first rat. So, should you see a rat in the garden, even if it just appears to be passing through, don't ignore it? Rats are not solitary creatures, they are social animals, and the time is now to think of how to get rid of rats, hopefully, before they have been able to penetrate the outer walls of your house or apartment.

Don't DIY it
I'll pop into town and pick up some poison, is the usual response. Don't. Rats are brilliant animals. It's how they've survived since the beginning of time. Complete Crosby rat control is a specialist job. Contact Young's Pest Control for thorough pest control treatment to deal with any vermin problem. Young's will survey your property; look for rat runs and possible breeding areas. Check for and deal with possible entrances into the property and deal with the main job of rat removal.

Many rats are disease carriers:
Although many other pests are more of an annoyance, rats can be a significant health risk, especially with young or the very old in the family unit. Salmonella and Weil's disease can prove fatal, and rats can transmit other health problems. Remember Bubonic Plague (Black Death), from the history books; yep, you've got it, transmitted by rats.

ratDon't leave things to chance:
Rat infestation is not something you want to allow to get a toehold. Act before things get that far, call Young's to get rid of rats and the risks that go with them. Young's Crosby rat control treatment includes much more than just a bit of poison. Young's specialise in how to get rid of rats and keep them gone. Property surveys for likely rat entrances, checking everything in and around your property and garden looking for droppings, chewed containers in storage areas, outhouses and garden sheds. Crosby rat control is a job for the specialists, for your peace of mind, if you see a rat contact them; before a minor problem becomes a major one.