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Bootle Rat Control Specialists

ratFinding that a rat infestation plagues your home or office can be a shock, and it is a problem that will not resolve itself. Therefore, a property owner needs to take action to get rid of rats, and they can do no worse than call in a pest control treatment by experts. Our experience handling Bootle rat control jobs for residential and business customers has been gained over many years. It gives us the know-how to quickly and efficiently deal with a rat problem.

Gaining Entry

Rats can squeeze their bodies through small gaps, and it only needs an entry hole that is around half an inch in diameter to let them get inside. So they will generally come looking for a sheltered place to build a nest, as well as a good supply of food and water. If they find this, they will likely stay until Bootle rat control measures are put in place to deal with them.

Bootle Rat Infestation

Rats can breed throughout the year, and a mating-age female can get pregnant up to six times during twelve months. Each time she can give birth to between six and twelve babies, and when these reach ninety days old, they will also be capable of mating. This means a rat infestation can quickly take hold of a property and become a health hazard to the occupants due to the diseases that rodents carry and pass on. Rats can also cause damage to a building and its contents, so it is essential to deal with them quickly once they have taken up residence.

Using Expert Assistance

Brown RatThe quickest way of clearing a property of rodents is to bring in the Bootle rat control expertise of a professional pest control company. Young’s Pest Control staff understands how to put together a coordinated pest control treatment that will use various techniques to clear property. This can include:

  • Reducing the attractions that brought rats into a property.
  • Dealing with entry points.
  • Laying traps and rodenticides to catch rats.

The advice and assistance we provide will effectively remove a rat problem from a building and ensure it does not return. To get rid of rats from your property, get in touch with our helpful staff by giving us a call or using our booking form to send us a message.