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How To Get Rid Of Rats With Professional Kirkby Rat Control Treatments

If you have identified rats on your property is not a problem that you can afford to neglect. Instead, contact our professional Kirkby rat control service, who will use the proper pest control treatment to end your rat infestation. Young's Pest Control is your local solution to rat problems.

How to Identify a Kirkby Rat Infestation

Brown RatLiving or dead rats are the most obvious signs that you have a rat problem. However, rats prefer to hide, and so this can make observing them more difficult. Therefore, it may not be apparent that you have are full-scale rat infestation. However, the damage that the rats are causing to your property and the health danger they pose is still genuine. One sign that you have a rat problem is the presence of rat droppings. Rats will produce up to 40 droppings a day. These typically resemble a large grain of rice but with a dark brown colour. Another sign that you have rats are scratching sounds. You will often be able to hear these scratching sounds from the roof, under floorboards or behind the walls. The grease and dirt on rats typically least smudge marks and dark marks against surfaces that they touch. Because rats suffer from poor eyesight, these marks will often be against skirting boards. Finally, rats will you will often find burrows close to garden structures such as sheds and garages.

Rat-borne diseases

Rats are potentially one of the most dangerous pests that you can have on your property. Rat urine which coats the underneath side of the rat, can result in leptospirosis. This is a disease that can end in kidney damage or liver failure. In addition, rat bites or scratches can lead to rat-bite fever and other diseases. Rats can also be a source of allergens. Rat hair, droppings and dander can cause people to suffer from allergic reactions. One of the most severe problems caused by rats is hantavirus. This virus can be transmitted to humans when they breed and particles from rat droppings or urine. Usually, symptoms from this will be mistaken for the common flu. Sufferers will sometimes have trouble breathing, and if it is not treated, it can be fatal.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

ratYoung's pest control can provide you with experienced Kirkby rat control technicians to identify and get rid of rats that have taken residence on your property. Unfortunately, rat problems will get worse over time. So you need to hire the services of our professional Kirkby rat control company, who will apply the correct pest control treatment. Rat carcasses can also contain diseases and should never be handled except by an experienced technician with proper protective clothing. Call Young's pest control today to have your rat problem handled efficiently and safely.