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Professional Wigan Rat Control

ratWe understand that discovery rats on your property can be distressing. You may have even tried to eliminate the rats on your property yourself and been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, rats are not easily conquered. Young's pest control provides a variety of pest control treatments to fit each unique rat infestation. Our expertly trained Wigan rat control technicians have the experience and knowledge to eradicate all unwanted rats from your home. Keep your home completely rat free with Young's pest control.

Rat Fleas

Rat fleas are a small parasite which can carry a large range of diseases. Famously rat fleas are known as the main vector for the bubonic plague which killed hundreds of millions of people during the Middle Ages. Rat fleas are still a vector for a number of very serious diseases. Rats are capable of jumping up to 200 times their own height which can make them a serious danger if they are approached. Rats spread disease by feeding on the blood of an infected rat and then jumping and infecting humans. Rat fleas can also spread the disease to other animals if they come into contact with rats on your property. If you believe that you have rats inside of your home then you need to contact a qualified, experienced, Wigan rat control professional. Get rid of rats before they cause problems for you and your family.

Rat Bites

Brown RatIn general, rats will avoid the company of humans. This is actually the reasons why trapping rats can be quite challenging. However, rats are capable of biting humans and other animals. If rats are backed into a corner they will frequently lunge out and bite the perceived threat. A bite from the rat can be very painful but this is not the only risk because the saliva from rats can be contaminated with a number of very serious diseases. If you have found rats on your property you should not attempt to approach and catch them yourself. Instead, contact a professional pest control technician who will have the equipment and personal protective equipment to safely and humanely get rid of rats from your house.

When you hire Young's pest control to deal with your Wigan rat infestation you can relax in the knowledge that you have a pest control treatment specialist on your side. We will take the time to evaluate your residence carefully and find a pest control treatment solution that will make your home completely rat-free. Our friendly Wigan rat control technicians can answer all of your questions and address your concerns. Contact us to discuss how Young's pest control can end your rat infestation promptly.