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Professional Whitefield Flea Treatment for Your Property

Cat and dog fleasFleas are parasitic insects that live on the blood of a host creature and this can be humans, cats, and dogs. There are different species that will look to get a meal from a specific host, although any type of flea infestation can result in the occupants of a building suffering bites. A powerful Whitefield flea treatment is required to effectively clear a property of this annoying pest, which is why looking to the services of a pest control company is a sensible course of action. We at Young’s Pest Control have extensive experience of flea fumigation treatments that work and can apply these in any size of the property.

Common Ways a Flea Infestation Takes Hold

Fleas can be brought into a property in a variety of ways, with animals being the most likely culprit. Homes with cats and dogs can suffer an infestation if the animal comes into contact with fleas and then brings them inside. The insect can also live on other pests and if rats, mice, or birds find a way inside a building, they can carry fleas in with them. Fleas can also hitch a ride on humans and staying in a place where they are already established may result in you inadvertently bringing some to your home. Most properties have everything that this common pest needs to survive and breed, and this means that a few insects can quickly multiply to more if Whitefield flea treatment is not used to stop this.

Problems Caused

Flea bites are an annoying irritation for anyone that experiences them and some species can pass on diseases. The dog flea, for example, is a carrier of dog tapeworm and this can affect humans that are bitten. Most fleas will not actually live on the host they bite to get a meal of blood but will remain close by so they are near enough to easily feed. This means they can infest areas around beds, sofas, armchairs, and pet bedding. These are some of the areas that typically need Whitefield flea treatments if an infestation takes hold.

Identifying the Signs

FleaPets can be a good indicator of the presence of fleas. The discomfort they show from bites and insects crawling in their coat is something to watch out for. Using a flea comb will usually confirm if the pest is the problem. Checking the bedding of a pet can show signs of fleas and flea dirt, which is an accumulation of their droppings. Fleas can bite on any area of the body although feet, ankles, and lower legs are the most common location. Suffering from irritating bite marks on these parts of your body can be a sign that flea fumigation is required.

Getting Help

Flea control by a qualified contractor is the best solution to an infestation. The Whitefield flea removal treatments that Young’s Pest Control can provide are designed to ensure that a population of this common pest is completely destroyed to clear the problem from a property. We are available when needed to provide a Whitefield flea treatment plan and getting in touch by phone or email is all that is required to arrange a visit at your convenience.