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Professional Radcliffe Flea Treatment

Flea physiology

The difficulty of catching and killing these ectoparasitic insects is due to their hind legs and the sclerites that plate their exoskeleton. Fleas jump from their tibia and tarsus (shin and toe) and an elastic protein called resilin is responsible for it. The energy released from resilin would be wasted, however, if the tarsus was not connected to the floor by a hook, allowing for downwards energy transference. The flea's sclerites act like armour plating.

Breaking the lifecycle

FleaEach time a female flea feeds it will be able to produce eggs which, if fertilized, will perpetuate the flea infestation. Only adult fleas feed on live blood and they make up about 5% of the flea population. Do-it-yourself flea remedies may kill a few adult fleas here and there yet fail to make an impact on the other 95% of the flea population, leading to continued pest problems. One mated and engorged female can lay about 500 viable eggs in her lifetime, ensuring a future return of the flea problem. It takes professional Radcliffe flea treatment to successfully rid premises of flea infestation.

To get rid of fleas, you have to stop the four-stage lifecycle. The best way to break the cycle is to hire professional Radcliffe flea treatment services. Flea control, left in the hands of professional flea control operatives, allows you to rest easy knowing that flea eggs, larva and pupa are destroyed alongside adults. Professional Radcliffe flea treatment is a multi-stage process and will usually involve flea fumigation to ensure the complete eradication of the flea population.

The benefits of flea fumigation are that it eliminates 100% of fleas on a property due to it being a general treatment that reaches the pests in their hiding places. Before flea fumigation occurs you will need to work with the professional Radcliffe flea treatment operative to prepare the premises. The application of this type of treatment should be performed by professionals because they are trained to use it to maximum effect with minimum risk to your family, pets and belongings.

You feel something on your lower shin, a tickling or itching sensation, and when you inspect the cause of it you see a flea. Before you have the chance to catch it and kill it, however, the flea has jumped away out of sight. Even when you manage to catch one between your fingers, no amount of squeezing seems to kill it and often it escapes from the death grip unscathed. This is a typical scenario for anyone affected by flea infestation.

cat fleasAlthough Ctenocephalides felis, the Cat flea, is the most common flea species to infest homes, it is not the only one. Ctenocephalides canis, the Dog flea, is a close runner up. Rodents, either wild pests or domestic pets, can carry Nosopsyllus fasciatus, the Northern rat flea. Pulex irritans, the Human flea, and Xenopsylla cheopis, the Oriental rat flea, are not unknown to British shores.