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Professional Prestwich Flea Treatment

FleaIt only takes a mating pair of fleas and an acceptable blood source to cause a domestic flea infestation. The female must drink blood to produce eggs and needs a male to fertilize them but once those demands have been met the flea population can skyrocket in a matter of weeks. That's why it's important to treat your infestation as soon as possible by a professionally trained pest technician. Do not attempt DIY, as they are ineffective.

These ectoparasitic insects can jump around eighty times their height thanks to elastic resilin in the lower quarters of their elongated hind legs. They are also difficult to crush because of plate-like sclerites that armour their exoskeletons. This combination of armour and athleticism makes them a tough pest to catch and kill.

Of the sixty-two flea species in Britain, the most common household pests are the Cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and the Dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis). As their names suggest, they are usually brought into the house by domestic pets although they have a wider range of hosts than their namesakes, including humans.

Detecting fleas

Cat and dog fleasWhen your pet has fleas, it scratches more often than usual. Flea dirt, or faeces, will likely be present in the fur of an animal that fleas have been feeding on. The best way to tell whether the dark specks in your pet's fur is flea dirt is to put it on a piece of wet tissue paper. Flea dirt, which is mostly undigested blood, will melt to a brownish red.

The shins, ankles and feet are the most likely places fleas will feed on humans, due to the proximity of these body parts to the floor where fleas live. They will crawl under clothes and their presence is often felt, rather than seen. By the time you go to inspect the itching or tickling sensation on your leg, the flea may have already jumped to safety.

When the first signs of fleas appear no time should be lost in remediating the problem before it gets out of hand. Do-it-yourself remedies often fail to eradicate the flea population, making the return of the bloodsucking insects inevitable. Professional Prestwich flea treatment is the best option for not only killing fleas but preventing their return.

Problems caused by fleas

Besides being irritating and unpleasant, fleas can cause a variety of ailments when they bite, when they defecate and if they are swallowed. The saliva fleas inject into wounds when they feed can cause an allergic reaction and transmit pathogenic microorganisms. Flea faeces can also cause disease and swallowing a flea may result in tapeworm infection.

Our professional Prestwich flea treatment eliminates domestic flea infestation and the threat of illness these insects pose. Flea fumigation is a powerful weapon in the armoury of professional flea control operatives and is capable of reaching the parasites in their hiding places and killing them in all stages of the lifecycle.

The insecticides used in flea fumigation should only be used by professional flea control operatives and their instructions for pre-treatment preparation should be followed. Professional Prestwich flea treatment, via flea fumigation, ensures effective flea removal from infested homes.