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Middleton Flea Treatment Options

At  Young’s Pest Control, we usually get calls for our Middleton flea treatment service from pet owners when they notice their pets scratching, packing, and biting off the pests since flea bites cause itching. However, we encourage you to seek our flea removal service because fleas spread diseases and infections to pets and humans.

Flea-borne Diseases in Pets

Cat and dog fleas• Flea Allergy Dermatitis is caused by flea bites in dogs. It leads to itchy hot spots that have a circular shape and that often develop into big wounds when your dog bites at it. You should call Middleton fleet treatment experts because bacteria can be spread by the dog licking the infected part and licking other areas of its body.

• Haemobartonellosis is usually transmitted by ticks, but it can also be spread by fleas in cats. It targets the red blood cells and it often leads to severe symptoms. In severe cases, the condition can cause anaemia in cats, leading to a fast heart rate and weight loss. Another common symptom is your cats eating dust. Do regular flea fumigation because cats can die from this condition if not treated. Note that dogs that have their spleen removed are susceptible to haemobartonellosis.

• Do Middleton flea treatment because Bartonella spp genus bacterium causes canine bartonellosis in dogs.

Flea-borne Diseases in Humans

• Do Middleton flea treatment because people with weakened immune systems are at risk of Bartonella henselae infection (cat scratch disease) when they are scratched by infected cats. The bacterial infection is rarely serious in cats, but it can lead to serious infections in human beings. Bartonella henselae infection is transmitted between cats by cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis). Humans get infected through the droppings of infected fleas on a cat’s claws or fur. Note that there needs not to be a scratch, you can also get the disease from a cat bite or lick.

• Flea infestation also leads to allergic reactions in some humans. These infections are usually spread through flea bites and flea droppings. You will get such symptoms as red itchy welts, itching, swelling, and hives.

Flea-borne Diseases in Both Pets and Humans

Flea• Middleton flea treatment is important because they cause plague. Plague, spread by the Yersinia pestis bacteria, infects both pets (dogs and cats) and humans. You get the disease when you are bitten by a flea that has bitten an infected animal. It usually abscesses in the leg and arm glands and it leads to large sores. The major symptoms of the plague in pets are swollen lymph nodes and fever. The condition calls for isolation of your pet and it can lead to death. Pets can spread the disease to humans.

• A flea infestation can cause Typhus which is spread by fleas that have fed on infected rats. You get the disease through petting a pet that is carrying the droppings of infected fleas and the droppings get into open wounds or your mouth. You can also get the fleas from flea bites and old cat faeces.

• Fleas carry tapeworms that they can spread to humans and pets through their bites. When you get a tapeworm attack, you are likely to experience such symptoms as loss of appetite, diarrhoea, weight loss, weakness, and nausea.

We recommend regular Middleton flea treatment if you have kids around because they cannot use their hands to fight off the vermin.