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Professional Farnworth Mice Control

Mouse NestDuring the colder months of the year, a warm home is an ideal place for mice to survive through to spring; there are lots of entry points, hiding spaces, opportunities for food and, most importantly, central heating. However, in opening your home up to these rodents, there is a range of problems that you may encounter that will require the services of a pest control company. From them just simply being a nuisance to the risk of catching a disease, whatever the reason, Young’s Pest Control is on hand to rid you of a mice infestation using efficient and effective Farnworth mice control methods which have come from years of experience.

The House Mouse

Residents in the UK often see one type of mouse more than most: the house mouse. It can be described as having a long tail, often longer than the body itself, and brown-grey fur. Other features include ears that are small and rounded and a pointed nose.

Typically, an adult mouse will be quite small, at 7 to 10 cm in length, and weigh between 10 and 25 grams.

The breeding habits of mice are typical of most rodents - fast-breeding and short gestation periods and a large litter; one female may produce as many as 15 young in one litter and up to 9 throughout the year.

The signs and dangers of mice infestation

The indications that your property may have a mouse infestation are wide-ranging, but some are more obvious than others. They are:

House mouse, Mus domesticus• Dead or live mice on the premises.
• Spiral-shaped droppings in or around your property.
• Unexplained damage or holes such a gnawing.
• Tracks and stains.

The dangers posed by Farnworth mice control problems are often only associated with rats, but they also apply to mice as well - some of which include:

• Exposure to diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis.
• Risk of fire damage through gnawing on wires.
• Structural damage.

Farnworth mice control services

An infestation can be controlled and eliminated by calling Young’s Pest Control, a company that deals with a range of pests, including mouse removal.

The strategy they use to deal with any mouse control problem is devised after a thorough inspection of an infested property. This includes locating entry points, tracks they may move along when gathering food and likely hiding spots within the property.

Knowing where to place traps, block off holes and burrows, and cover up tracks, they can proceed with treating a property. As it takes a lot of effort, expertise and equipment to deal with an infestation, you will find that calling upon the professionals is your best bet.

Making an informed choice

From the information provided, you should now be able to spot a mouse should you find or see one on your property. This information, together with the listed indicators and risks of a mouse infestation, should help you in deciding whether you need to call Young’s Pest Control for mouse removal.