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Professional Sale Flea Treatment

If you are experiencing a flea infestation, our exterminators at Young’s Pest Control are just a phone call away. We offer a fast, reliable response that will effectively eradicate any flea infestation, and, as part of the service, our experts will offer advice and information on how to prevent the same thing happening again in the future.

A flea control issue is a particularly resilient pest problem, and to successfully fight back against this insect requires a lot of patience, know-how and persistence. Therefore, a pest control expert is your best bet for tackling an infestation thoroughly, with Sale flea treatment options - possibly with flea fumigation.

Determining the flea species of an infestation

Cat and dog fleasThe flea species can often inform an expert on how to tackle a problem as well as the diseases that people are at risk of catching. There are four main species of flea found in households in the UK.

• Human Flea
• Cat Flea
• Dog Flea
• Bird Flea

Each has its own preferred host, but most will settle for other mammals in its absence. For example, the Dog Flea will feed on dogs and cats as well as occasionally humans.

Signs that your home may be infested with fleas

Although this insect is tiny, the signs that it has infested a household can be quite obvious, including:

Flea• Unexplained itchy red marks on the skin
• Pets that scratch more than usual
• Dead fleas in bedding, carpets and on furniture
• Live fleas jumping onto you or your pets

If any of these signs ring true with you, it is likely that fleas have somehow entered your household and started to proliferate. Therefore, you should call Young’s Pest Control for a consultation regarding Sale flea treatment.

The dangers of fleas and the importance of Sale flea treatment

When people think of fleas, the dangers they cause don’t often come to mind first. It is usually how much of a nuisance they are that homeowners lament about. However, the reality is that this little insect is a vector for a number of diseases, depending on the species. For example, Dog Flea can transmit tapeworms to dogs and possibly humans.

Sale flea treatment services

For a number of reasons, a flea control problem can withstand even the most drastic of DIY pest control interventions.

• They can survive without water for up to seven months
• Even when all live fleas have been killed, any remaining eggs will hatch some-time later when you think the problem is solved
• Pets will continue to bring in fresh batches of fleas from the garden
• They can grow immune to shop-bought pesticides and flea treatments

Therefore, a Sale flea treatment plan needs to be drawn-up and stuck to, which is what our workers at Young’s Pest Control do day-in, day-out. The standard over-the-counter treatments have simply lost their effectiveness and treatments such as flea fumigation are sometimes necessary to eradicate any remaining fleas, which is what we at Young’s Pest Control offer to our customers.