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Dealing with fleas with Professional Altrincham Flea Treatment

What are fleas?

PrintFleas are small brown insects that lay their eggs on the fur of domestic animals and can breed and live for up to two years in the right conditions, feeding on blood obtained by biting the host. Eggs are laid on the skin of the infected animal and hatch into larva within a few days before creating a cocoon and transforming into an adult flea. Fleas can multiply rapidly if not treated promptly and eggs can lay dormant in textiles such as carpets, pet bedding, and curtains for over a year before hatching. Fleas are notoriously hardy and can survive without food and in difficult conditions for weeks if necessary, making them very difficult to exterminate. DIY products are a total waste of precious time and money as they are ineffective. Only a professional can understand and carry out the correct treatment and products to ensure you have a flea-free home.

Who is affected by fleas?

However clean your home, if you own a pet such as a rabbit, cat or a dog, there is a fair chance that at some time your home will become infested with fleas. Pets can catch fleas either from being outdoors or by contact with another infected animal, and a flea infestation is not a judgment on the cleanliness of your house or the care of your animal. The ability of the flea to jump relatively large distances enables them to spread rapidly. A single flea can lay enough eggs in its lifetime to infect a house and Altrincham flea treatment can be very difficult if not done properly.

Why treat fleas?

Fleas are not only annoying to pets, causing irritation, hair loss, and itching, but will bite any humans in the vicinity as well, leaving raised red spots which itch uncontrollably. They are well known to carry many diseases and have been one of the contributing factors to the spread of the bubonic plague and myxomatosis. Flea control and Altrincham flea treatment are some of the most important parts of caring for a pet and there are many methods of flea removal available to ensure the health and well being of your pets.

How to treat a flea infestation

Ctenocephalides felisTreating a flea infestation must be done thoroughly to ensure there are no further outbreaks. Even one flea left untreated can reinfect the whole house. Choosing the right method of Altrincham flea treatment is important and it is better to employ a professional Altrincham flea treatment company such as Young's Pest Control. Flea pupae can remain dormant and unseen in textiles in any area of a house, therefore it is important that the entire house is treated. Pest control companies are trained in flea control and are licensed to use powerful chemicals and equipment which will clear the infestation without damaging the surroundings and without harming the health of the occupants. These chemicals and specialist pieces of equipment are only permitted to be operated by trained specialists and are proven to be the most efficient method for eradicating fleas. Along with treating the infestation on the affected pets, a professional Altrincham flea treatment can be more effective in eradicating fleas than any home remedy and reduces the chance of further treatments being necessary.