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Expert Stretford Flea Treatment Plans

A flea infestation is one of the most common, and also one of the most serious, pest control problems that we deal with at Young’s Pest Control.

Why are fleas a problem?
Adult fleas are the familiar jumping fleas that live on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Fleas bites can be very painful and there is also an associated risk of infection.

Many flea infestations are caused by cats which bring them into our houses following contact with animals such as birds, rats and other cats. Dogs are also very good at transmitting flea infections.

Once inside our houses, fleas can breed extremely quickly. Our wall-to-wall carpets and central heating provide the perfect conditions for the adults to breed and the larvae to grow.

As well as being a nuisance because of their biting, a flea infestation is also embarrassing, fleas are (incorrectly) associated with dirty houses in the minds of many people.

Fleas can also carry many diseases such as parasitic worms, typhus and even bubonic plague.

Fleas bites are extremely irritating for a day or two until they start to fade. Repeatedly being bitten by fleas over an extended period can cause hypersensitivity in humans which can lead to more severe problems.

In short, fleas are not nice things to have in the house and it is important that you get rid of them quickly and effectively. DIY flea control rarely works and can end up being very costly, so as soon as you spot the signs of a possible infestation, it is best to call in the experts to deal with the Stretford flea treatment options.

How are fleas dealt with?
The best method of flea removal is flea fumigation but it isn't always necessary. At Young's Flea Control we first survey the property to assess the extent of the problem.

The problem can often be traced to a pet within the home but if not, the next step is to identify the species of flea which then tells us the potential hosts.

As well as tackling the adult fleas, special attention must be given to the larval brood.

Cat and dog fleasIf the source of the infestation is a pet then insecticides must be used to rid the pet of fleas. If the source is rats or mice, rodenticides must be used. If the source of the infestation isn't dealt with effectively, there is a strong likelihood that a new infestation will appear soon after treatment.

There are lots of methods of flea removal and which Stretford flea treatment is used depends on the findings of the initial survey.

DIY solutions are rarely effective as they tend to leave some of the flea population alive which then quickly breed and soon reach their previous population level. Professional flea fumigation is guaranteed to wipe out the whole population. Similarly, DIY rodent traps may trap one or two rats or mice, but the total population is unaffected. This is another good reason to contact Young's Pest Control rather than tackle the problem alone.

Following the successful Stretford flea treatment we are able to advise customers on how to prevent further infestations in the future.

If you suspect that you may have a flea problem then please don't hesitate to contact us for advice or to arrange a survey.