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Professional Services in Ramsbottom Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bees are basically social insects as they live in colonies. You can identify them by their two pairs of wings and a pair of compound eyes. Honey bees are the most profitable bees to humans in terms of pollination and, as the name suggests, making honey.

How honey bees live

Honey Bee HiveA honey bee nest or hive consists of the queen bee, worker bees, and the male bees. The bees are very territorial and resort to stinging intruders if they feel threatened. Worker bees are therefore tasked with guarding the hive against infiltration by bees from other hives or any other threat to the nest. Ramsbottom honey bee nest removal in such cases becomes necessary so as to avoid human bee conflict. If consulted, Young’s Pest Control will undertake your Ramsbottom honey bee nest removal or relocation safely so as to prevent the possibilities of someone being attacked by the bees.

Bees usually communicate with one another through releasing some pheromones, which are insecticides that can be understood by other bees. As a result, a bee can distinguish between workers, male drones and queen bees as well as bees from other colonies. If there is an unidentified individual around the nest, then they are likely to attack. Both children and adults are therefore are at risk of being stung if the nest is built close to the house. You should, therefore, call for professional honey bee control experts to avoid this.

Wild bees mostly make their nests in hollow spaces found on trees or between rocks. They do however sometimes make their hives in people’s houses. Ramsbottom honey bee nest removal should be carried out professionally to avoid getting stung and stop the irritating buzzing noise made by the bees. Youngs Pest Control is well equipped for honey bee hive removal tasks.

Dangers posed by honey bees

Even though honey bees are very useful insects, they pose a serious threat to human beings and animals. When they sting, the barbs on their stingers get stuck on the victim. The stingers are pulled out of the bee’s body and thereafter it dies.

Honey Bee swarm in treeReproduction

Honey bees reproduce by swarming. This is a process whereby a young queen leaves the nest accompanied by worker bees as they go looking for a new place to form their own colony. Professional honey bee swarm removal is, therefore, necessary as they move in large numbers and an attack may be fatal. Honey bee swarm removal should therefore never be attempted by untrained persons. Luckily, Young's honey bee control experts will quickly respond to your call irrespective of whether it is day or night.