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Expert Ramsbottom Flea Treatment Services

Flea, Siphonaptera, infestation is an alarming and intimidating situation encountered by numerous pet owners. Within homes, the most common flea species encountered by homeowners is the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, which is responsible for around 75% of flea infestations.

How can I Remove Fleas?

Flea removal and Ramsbottom flea treatment are extremely important in getting rid of troubling fleas. A professional pest control service can help pet owners in getting rid of fleas for good. Young’s Pest Control has professionals that can help in controlling fleas. These professionals are easily able to determine the extent of the infestation, and utilize flea fumigation to ensure that the problem is to take care of for good. Call Young's Pest Control and ensure your peace of mind with flea fumigation!

Who do Fleas Affect?
Cat and dog fleasA flea infestation does not solely affect cats and dogs, but other animals that have fur as well. Visible signs that these animals are affected can be seen when these animals begin to frantically itch and scratch. Flea infestations are not only bothersome for animals because they become irritated by them. Flea infestations can cause serious health problems in animals as well as various complications involving the skin if the issue is not immediately addressed.

What do Fleas do?
Fleas will suck on the blood of animals as well as humans. When fleas bite humans they will cause itchy red bumps to form on their skin. (Flea bites will usually appear on the ankles and lower legs of adults, whereas on children the bites will appear on different parts of the body.) It is of extreme import to note that fleas are capable of causing tapeworms in pets when they mistakenly swallow fleas. As a result, a flea infestation can cause serious harm to pets, and be an extreme nuisance to humans as well.

Where do Fleas take up Residence?
It is if import to note that fleas are capable of jumping. Therefore, fleas can very easily infest carpets, curtains, clothes, and other furnishings that contain fabric. The degree of the infestation can prompt people to replace items in their home. Replacing items in the home can be quite expensive, especially because most insurance companies do not cover damage that is caused by pests. Thus, it is important that flea control, flea removal and Ramsbottom flea treatment is utilized as soon as possible by homeowners so that extensive damage is not caused.

How Fast do Fleas Reproduce?
FleaAn infestation that may not appear to be very troublesome may become an extreme problem within a couple of weeks. For example, ten female fleas are capable of producing up to two hundred and fifty thousand offspring within one month. That is an immense amount of fleas that could swarm a home if no action is taken against them. For that reason, flea control is extremely important in ensuring that the matter does not get out of hand.