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The Best Newton Pest Control Services

Even with the utmost cleanliness in a house, pests Newton Cockroach Controlcan find their way into your home. They establish their territory and can cause damages and act as a health hazard. Pest control services are the most reliable way of curing a pest infestation within a home.

Our Newton pest control services provide a professional intervention that results in safe results and speedy treatment. At Young’s Pest Control, we understand the best ways of dealing with these pesky offenders permanently, safely and securely.

Damage Caused by Pests

Pests can cause visible damages to a house whilst others can be a nuisance due to the noise and buzzing. Pests cause a lot of problems within your home. They have to be dealt with immediately because of the hazards that come along with them. Repairing the damages caused by a pest can be costly. Therefore, if you notice any signs of an infestation, you have to act quickly to prevent more damages. Below are some of the common damages that pests can cause around the house.

Holes in Clothes, Carpets and Curtains

Telltale holes are a common indication that one has a pest problem within their house. It can, however, be tough to differentiate between the different pests within the homestead. That’s why we, at Young’s Pest Control, are ready and available to deal with all your pest problems.


Mice and rats are some of the common causes of Newton mice & rat controldamage to the carpet, curtain and clothes. They gnaw their way through anything but they will mostly damage fabrics. We offer mice & rat control and can easily identify these rodents through their urine smell and even droppings. Mice & Rat Control is important in every household.


Carpet, hide and fur beetles are some of the Newton bloody-nosed leaf beetle treatmentcommon pests that make their way in homes. They cause damage to feathers, fur and any other natural fibre. In case of widespread damage, it can be easy to spot live beetles within the house. However, it's hard to come by the adult beetles since most of the damage is made by their larvae.


Newton brown house moth treatmentCloth moths are the common pests one can come across in their home. They breed in fabrics like wool and silk. Their larvae feed on natural, soft fabrics that lead to holes in furnishings, carpets and clothes. The brown house moth larvae can also damage soft fabrics, feathers and fur.

Insect Bites

Newton Ant ControlUnlike the larger pests, insects like mites, bedbugs and fleas, are among some of the most difficult pests to see. It's therefore difficult to indicate whether you have an insect infestation within the house. However, you shouldn’t allow the problem to spiral out of control.

A professional can easily identify whether there is an insect infestation within the property. They achieve this by understanding where the bites are taking place. It can either be outdoors or indoors. Indoor pests are a cause for concern since they can either be bird mites, fleas or bedbugs.


Newton wasp controlThe German and Common Wasps are the most common species in the UK. Wasps can either be social or solitary. The social wasps live in colonies and they are dangerous. The solitary wasp doesn’t reside in a colony, but it's bigger. We offer wasp nest removal treatment to ensure that no one is bit or stung.


The common types of flea include:

• Tropical rat flea

Newton fleas Control• Human flea
• Rabbit flea
• Dog flea
• Cat flea
• Rat flea

Flees are not picky and they bite when they are hungry, and their favourite place is the ankles or the legs. They are dark, and one can find them jumping from animals’ fur and carpets.


Newton Bedbugs treatment These blood-sucking parasites feed on people, but they can also bite animals. They shelter in crevices within the luggage, mattresses, beds and furniture. Their shelter has to be close to humans and blood.

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