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Professional Leigh Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney Bees live in colonies and each colony has one queen who lays all the eggs. At the height of summer, a colony consists of approximately 50,000 to 60,000 worker bees and perhaps 3,000 drones. By autumn the numbers will have reduced to between 5,000 and 8,000 worker bees, who will maintain the colony through the winter. Honey Bees gather pollen, water, and nectar from flowers and by doing so pollinate fruit, flowers, and crops. The pollen, water, and nectar they collect are used to make honey to feed their larvae and themselves.

Honey Bee Stings

Honey Bees can be aggressive, but will not sting unless threatened or aggravated. Honey Bees can only sting once and then die. This is because their stinger is barbed and the stinger is left in the skin and pulled from the Honey Bee. Bee stings can be a medical emergency if you are allergic to them and if bees are swarming multiple stings may be a possibility.

Care should be taken around bees

• Keep Calm
• Do not wave hands or arms about
• Walk slowly to a safe place

Honey Bee Swarms and Nests

Honey Bee swarm in treeHoney Bee swarm removal and Honey Bee control should be carried out by experts

When Honey Bees swarm they are looking for somewhere to build a nest. Trees are a natural site for bees to nest especially hollow trees which are dark and dry.

Young’s Pest Control will carry out Leigh honey bee nest removal quickly and efficiently.

Honey Bees may swarm or nest in places or areas which can put adults and children in danger:

• Sheds, garages, outbuildings
• Chimneys
• Attics or roof spaces
• facias
• Many other places around properties

Honey Bees gain access to the property through the smallest of holes or cracks.
Signs of a Honey Bee hive are:

• The sight of wax comb
• Honey Bees around a specific area of your property

Once the colony is established it can be very difficult to remove. Even after a Leigh honey bee nest removal all signs and debris need to be removed and smells eradicated to stop other Honey Bees being attracted to the site to nest.