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Professional Golborne Honey Bee Nest Removal

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombGolborne honey bee hive removal is a complicated and potentially hazardous task. At Young's pest control, we have staff fully trained in both pest control and beekeeping. This allows us to assess your problem and prescribe the most appropriate and safest method of honey bee control. If at all possible, we will relocate a swarm without harm. We always carry out honey bee hive removal in the most humane way possible.

You may be under the impression that honey bees are protected by law and cannot be removed from a property. This is not the case. If the nest is causing a problem, you are within your rights to have it removed. There are many species of bee in the UK and only the honey bee is utilized for its honey production. Other species may be responsible for your infestation. We can advise on the details of your problem and devise the best course of action.

A nest can cause problems on a number of different levels. Mainly, there is the obvious risk of bee stings. This is more of a worry if you have children or are perhaps allergic to stings.

Other pests can also be attracted by the presence of a nest. The sweet contents of the beehive will attract ants and flies. The waste from the nest will rot and spread mould and decay. The rot and the spread of the nest will also cause destruction of plasterboard and insulation, possibly leading to damp. This is something that will increase and get worse with time. This is why it is important to tackle Golborne honey bee nest removal sooner rather than later.

Honeybee swarmHoney bee swarm removal can be carried out with no harm to the swarm if conditions are right. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can relocate the swarm to a more convenient location. As you may expect, this is a task that should be undertaken by experts such as Young's. The nature of the pest makes honey bee swarm removal hazardous.

Golborne honey bee nest removal is more involved and takes place if a hive has been constructed. They will often be in a location which is difficult to access. If they can't be reached and are causing a nuisance, extermination may be the best option. We can do this effectively and with minimal collateral effect. The insecticides and processes involved make Golborne honey bee nest removal a task that is better left to the pros.