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Professional Kearsley Flea Treatment

Fleas are insects that parasitise mammals and birds. They may live on their hosts, or around their host's living space. Some flea species are adapted to living on domestic pets so have become common household pests. Individual fleas are hard to catch and difficult to squash, whilst a flea infestation is a challenge to put a stop to.

  • Cat and dog fleasThe flea's ability to jump great distances in relation to the insect's size is due to an elastic-like protein in its feet which stores and releases energy in a similar manner to a spring.
  • The body is narrow, covered in armoured plates, with backwards pointing hairs. This results in a streamlined figure that is resistant to pressure and enables the flea to pass through animal hair without serious obstruction.
  • Its mouth consists of several components for cutting skin and sucking drawn blood into the flea's digestive system. Anticoagulant is applied to the blood well to avoid blockages during syphoning caused by blood clots.

Do-it-yourself attempts to get rid of fleas fail for a number of reasons. The best bet at ending flea infestation is to call on professional Kearsley flea treatment services. Professional flea treatment will have a much higher rate of success than amateurish home remedies ever could.

The four-stage lifecycle.

Jumping, biting, hard to crush adult fleas only make up about 5% of any given flea population. The remaining numbers belong to the other three phases of the insect lifecycle. The interminable nature of flea infestation, despite the best efforts to kill these insects, is often due to the presence of immature specimens lying in wait.

  • FleaThe embryonic stage refers to the flea embryo developing inside the egg, feeding on the nutrient system within as the embryo develops until the point of hatching.
  • The larval stage begins when the larva emerges from the egg. They will likely live in the dwelling area of their future host, hidden away among the detritus where they scavenge on dead organic matter.
  • The pupal stage is a transitional phase between the juvenile and adult stages, that begins when the larva cocoons itself in silk.
  • The imaginal stage begins when the adult (imago) emerges from its cocoon. Adults feed on blood and the female must have a blood meal before she can produce eggs. She must also mate with a male for her eggs to be viable.

Professional Kearsley flea treatment operatives know that successful flea removal requires the targeting of these insects during all stages of the flea lifecycle. Flea fumigation is an effective method used in professional Kearsley flea treatment that will kill insect pests in each of the four phases.

Whereas some home methods only target active, adult fleas, flea fumigation will kill fleas in the open, in their hiding spaces or resting spots, whatever their stage of development, whether they are active or dormant. The result is more effective Kearsley flea treatment.