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Farnworth Cockroach Control Specialists

The sight of a cockroach will instil dread in most people and more so if it is inside a home. They will quickly disappear from sight when startled and not knowing where they are can make the experience all the more unsettling. Spotting one will likely mean more are around and professional Farnworth cockroach control is a service that will rid this insect completely from your home. Young’s Pest Control has staff trained in doing this job and they can inspect a property to apply effective cockroach treatment.

Signs of Cockroaches

Cockroaches generally only come out at night, so this is the time they are most likely to be seen. However, it should be possible to spot signs of them even if you don’t actually see the insect.

  • Dead cockroachesShed Skin: The young are known as nymphs and cast their skin a number of times as they grow to adults. Seeing the shed skin is evidence that cockroaches are in residence.
  • Dirty Marks: If they have access to a good supply of water, cockroaches will leave brown smears on floors and walls as they move around.
  • Droppings: Their droppings are small although they may accumulate over time and be seen.
  • Smell: As a cockroach population grows it can start to produce an unpleasant, sickly smell that gives away their presence.

The insect can breed quickly and as they are tough to kill, the best chance of successfully clearing them comes with hiring professional Farnworth cockroach control.


There are a couple of hazards that occupants of a property can suffer due to a cockroach infestation.

  • Disease: The insect is a known carrier of a variety of diseases such as dysentery and salmonella. These are usually passed on through food contaminated with droppings and shed skin.
  • Allergies: Conditions such as asthma and eczema can be worsened by coming into contact with cockroach droppings.

These health hazards mean that it is essential to get cockroach control in as soon as an infestation is spotted.

Young’s Pest Control

Cockroach closeupOur specialists are trained to understand the common habits of cockroaches and know the places in a property where they are most likely to take shelter. This allows them to accurately target Farnworth cockroach control. We also equip our staff with the best cockroach treatment that will eliminate eggs, nymphs, and adults to ensure that the insect is completely eradicated at the end of a job. We can apply Farnworth cockroach control solutions in any size and type of property, so anyone that finds signs of the insect is welcome to get in touch for our assistance. Simply give us a call or send us a message using our online form.