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Little Lever Flea Treatment Services - You Don't Have To Like Fleas!

Achieve Harmony With Flea Removal

Sometimes things in nature can have their drawbacks, this is especially true with insects, particularly the crawling kind such as please. From the order Siphonaptera, these little pests want to be your friend much more than you want them to be your friend. Little Lever flea treatment will be a must do for you.

Important things to remember about fleas:

FleaFleas are bloodsuckers, whether that is animal or human. Sometimes they can spread disease, and the sites on the flash where fleas have been can be painful or kitschy. Fleas are actually referred to as an external parasite because they can carry the disease from host to host. During a flea infestation, you're betting will also be at risk because that is where the warm body spends several hours per night, becoming a giant mail for a flea. Bet you'd like Little Lever flea treatment for your flea control needs.

The Eggs

You may not see them, but if you do see the eggs they will be small and white and not perfectly round. The fleas themselves can grow up to seven millimetres, and the time from egg to adult fleas is only seven weeks. That is why acting promptly is the right step for you - call Young's Pest Control services if you have a flea control problem or flea infestation. We can provide courteous and fast Little Lever flea treatment and flea fumigation.

How Fleas Dine

How flees live life, is called hematophagy, because their main meal is the blooded mammals and birds. That means humans and pets are at risk of getting fleas and are being bitten by them. And the United Kingdom there are three main types named after mammal they prefer to live on. Cat flea, dog flea, the human flea. Fleas are wingless and they have a sharp, nearly tube-like mouth so that they can bite and consume their host's blood. Because of their body shape and size, they can jump up to 18 cm straight up and down, and horizontally up to 33 cm.

Flea Fumigation With Young's Pest Control

Fleas are hard and shiny. Swatting with the newspaper or stomping with your shoe will probably not be enough to kill a flea.

Pet food is a rich source of nutrition for a larva, so always keep your pet's food well covered unless the animal is eating its dinner.

Cat and dog fleasFemale fleas lay their eggs after they're done the feeding. A single female flea can have up to 20 eggs at one time. The preferred location to lay their eggs is on the host or animal which the female has just fed from. The eggs usually end up rolling off the animal and onto the ground. This is why furniture and bedding can become so quickly infested.

Luckily at Young's pest control we know exactly how to kill a flea, as well as their nest, and prevent them from returning. You could say we have the biggest shoe in the United Kingdom, andq1 we know how to use it!