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Edgeley pest control

• If you are searching for the best resolution to your pest invasion, then Edgeley pest control is the place to be. We present efficient services for both business and home customers. Our services are available to clients in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Oldham and the mainstream of the UK.

Edgeley pest control covers various pest invasions:
• Crawling bugs
• Stinging insects
• Structural pests
• Small mammals

1. Crawling bugs

• They include fleas, ants and bedbugs. Apart from Edgeley Bed Bugs removalthem being annoying, they also pose health hazards. These pests mainly cause severe issues if found in homes, and the owners adopt the do-it-yourself method.
• For example, the pesticides employed to wipe out bed bugs can harm humans without actually eradicating the pests. Bed bugs are capable of causing lack of sleep leading to health issues like depression.
• It is wise to seek professional help, to ensure the issue is appropriately solved, effectively and permanently and without causing more destruction to the occupants.

2. Stinging insects

• These pests include wasps, honey bees, bumblebees. They are known for safeguarding their hives sometimes violently. They are a health risk to anyone who attempts to conduct pest control on them.
• For example, wasp nests inside or close to your property is a reason for worry. Wasps are one of the most hostile insects, and it gets worse as their number increases which will happen if a wasp nest removal treatment is not done immediately.
• Wasp nest removal treatment is very unsafe for Edgeley Wasp nest removalindividuals with no experience to conduct themselves, mainly because the wasps will repeatedly sting to protect the nest, which may cause some severe health issues. Also, insecticides bought over the counter are a gamble and hardly ever as efficient as the sticker state's words. It is strongly advised to seek professional help when you spot wasps in your home or business.

3. Structural pests

• These include termites and woodworms. They hide in the least noticeable spots but cause the most destruction. Invasions of such pests are capable of demeaning a building’s structural integrity. It is crucial to let professionals handle such a problem quickly to prevent significant destruction, leading to huge losses.

4. Small mammals

• These include rodents like mice, rats and grey squirrels. They pose both health risks and monetary losses to individuals. They love to chew and will nibble their way through paper, foodstuffs and walls causing messy destruction.


• The standard mice are the most common type of mice found infesting home properties in the UK. Edgeley mice & rat controlThey are brownish-grey with a slim tail that is longer than the body and the head. These mice have right climbing expertise which allows them to gain access to grounds in various means.
• They are found both outdoors and indoors, and once inside, they will even use hollow walls creating a tranquil surrounding. They breed very fast and need little food and water for survival.
• Mice cause destructions to buildings with their chewing and burrowing. They are also carriers of various diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis and campylobacter, severe to humans.


• Rats are some of the most solemn rodent pests globally. Like mice, rats can carry diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis and campylobacter. They also cause many structural destructions in households. The most common rat in the UK is the brown or Norway rat, and it is brownish-grey with a paler greyish tummy. Rats will live indoors and outdoors in the sewers.
• It is vital to have a mice & rat control done immediately you notice their presence in your premises. You will be able to detect their infestation by the urine and faeces they leave in surfaces and belongings. Due to the extreme destruction, they cause both human health and properties; it is essential to ensure you get professional help which guarantees an effective, economical and permanent solution.
• Call us for the best mice & rat control services anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is call them and trust them for a perfect eradication of pests.