Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal 

Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal Every homeowner and business owner dread the prospect of a wasp infestation on their property which makes it extremely important to contact us at Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal to implement an effective Hornet and Wasp Control program on your property. With our localised knowledge of local conditions and effective pest control, particularly, knowledge on how to get rid of wasp nest infestations we can assist you with our professional wasp exterminator service at a reasonably priced removal cost.

 It is important that home and business owners should not attempt to get rid of wasp infestations themselves as it can be extremely dangerous to do this without any specialist knowledge of wasps and hornets, the wasp nest removal cost is small price to pay for peace of mind. A specialist wasp exterminator from a local service like Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal will safely and effectively perform the task without endangering the lives of your family and that of your pets.

 The common wasp and the German wasp Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal are the two wasps that pose the greatest threat to persons and animals in the UK. The two species look similar in colour and size with tapered wasp type bodies a bright yellow colour with black markings on them.

 These wasps are able to repeatedly sting anyone who poses a threat to their nest and can also release a pheromone which acts as an alarm signal to other worker wasps in the nest. The pheromone cause wasps to swarm and launch an indiscriminate attack on any person or animal in the vicinity. 

 Wasp stinging cause several hundred persons to be hospitalised annually in the UK and can also be responsible for fatalities in some instances. Many people have an allergic reaction to wasp stings which can cause their airways to become swollen or they can go into an anaphylactic shock which can be life-threatening. 

 Because of this danger that wasps represent Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal it is important that people shouldn’t attempt a DIY solution to Hornet and Wasp Control to save money but rather make use of our localised pest control service, Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal will charge a reasonable wasp nest removal cost. 

 It is relevant to know more about the life-cycle of wasps to understand the importance of having a professional Hornet and Wasp Control service in place to get rid of wasp nest problems in your area.

 The wasp cycle begins in spring when a queen who comes out of winter hibernation immediately starts to build a small nest from bits of wood. The wooden bits are chewed and glued together with saliva to form a smallish round ball-shaped nest. The queen will then lay some sterile female worker eggs who will take over the task of nest building, its protection, and food sourcing. 

 This would be the ideal time to get rid of Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal the wasp nest because of the small size of the nest and the wasp colony, unfortunately, many homeowners don’t notice the first signs of wasp activity and only notice it much later. 

 The wasp nest is off-white with a paper mache appearance and texture which can be found anywhere where it can be safely attached. Popular areas around the house are under slate roofs, window sills, garden sheds, attics, and under house eaves.

 During summer, the queen wasp lay up to 300 worker eggs per day until late summer when she starts laying eggs of fertile male wasps and new queens, who will form the next generation of wasps.

 The population of a wasp nest can now be up to as much as 15 000 workers and the nest has a more oval football-shaped appearance and size. The workers can now be extremely aggressive and will attack with the least provocation. This is unfortunately also the time when home and property owners realise the extent of the problem and rush to DIY solutions try and get rid of it, in many instances with tragic consequences. 

Edgeley Wasp Nest Removal  Ensure that you make use of a wasp specialist like Edgeley Wasp Removal for your peace of mind and their specialist knowledge to timeously, and professionally safeguard your area against any wasp infestation.