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Learn How To Battle Failsworth Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusMice are small rodents that are found in several parts of the globe. There are numerous species of these rodents with up to hundreds of types found in the UK. For instance, both the house mouse and the wood mouse can cause great havoc when they raid a business or home. These two major categories of mice are overly destructive and should never reside in your property. Never hesitate to seek the help of Failsworth mice control experts whenever these rodents invade your property.

Detecting Mice Infestation

It is very difficult to encounter mice since they are nocturnal and shy. This explains why those who are not keen enough can never detect their presence in a property. Nonetheless, below are a few reliable signs that cannot be doubted.
•Scattered droppings on raised objects such as cupboards
•Distinctive ammonia-like smell that emanates from their urine
•Smear marks around corners or their entry points
Among the above-mentioned signs, mice droppings are a sign of their existence in your property. You may have to sweep the droppings away so that you revisit the same spot the next day to observe if there are more droppings. The presence of more droppings should compel you to call an expert to carry out a thorough mouse removal treatment.


Mouse NestMice infestation is a common problem in the UK since these rodents are prolific breeders. It is consequently, necessary that Failsworth mice control treatments to be administered as soon as their presence has been established. Below are a few facts about the female mice that make them excellent breeders.
•Their gestation period takes about three weeks
•A female mouse can have a new litter almost monthly
•It only takes female mice six weeks to become sexually mature
•The female mouse can conceive almost immediately after giving birth
•A single female mouse can give birth to an average of 6-8 young ones per litter

The Need for Mouse Removal

Mice can be a great threat to both human beings and property. These rodents carry viruses and bacteria that can threaten human life. For instance, they carry bacteria known as Salmonella which is commonly known for food poisoning. Furthermore, one of their well-known feeding habits is that they prefer eating small portions of food from different sources. They are also known for gnawing through almost everything including electrical cables and can lead to property fires. Without proper mouse control, therefore, these rodents can easily contaminate food and household items such as utensils, crockery, and cutlery. They can also transmit bacterial infections that can result in ailments such as headache, muscle pain, and fever.

Contact Mouse Control Experts

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