Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Davyhulme Bumblebee Hive Removal 

A day of fun for the family can quickly turn into a horror if you come across a Bumblebees nest and youDavyhulme Bumblebee Nest Removal are mistaken for an intruder and deemed a threat to the nest. If this happens, multiple Bumblebees will attack you in defence of their nest, and to make things worse, each bee can sting you multiple times and unleash venom with each sting. This sometimes causes anaphylactic shock in people who have allergic reactions, and the symptoms include-

Fainting, nausea, difficulty breathing and sometimes even death if the person is left untreated for too long. Davyhulme Bumblebee nest removal near me can help!

So before you start your decision making, make sure you know how to identify a Bumblebees nest so you can avoid it at all costs because they are very dangerous. They often find places to nest anywhere around your home, but the most common places include garages, sheds, roof spaces, ponds. The bumblebee nests are usually hidden in cracks and holes that are hidden away from plain sight because Bumblebees are not very strong insects, so they need to hide their nest somewhere they cannot be easily seen by other predators, which might disturb them.

A description of a few common species are listed below to ensure you understand these creatures

The Southern Cuckoo Bee is a beautiful yet aggressive bee found in parts of the southern United Davyhulme Bumblebee Nest RemovalKingdom. These bees nest in the ground and often invade other nests, taking over the colony. They are distinguished by their black and yellow colouring and the white bands on their abdomens. The Southern Cuckoo Bee is capable of stinging, but they are not considered very aggressive. Unlike many other species of bees, these insects do not produce honey or wax.

The Bombus Terrestris is a small, hovering bee that can be green or yellow/orange in colour. The colour of these bees changes throughout the summer season. It also has two black and white stripes on its abdomen, which act as camouflage to hide it from predators when they are up close to flowers. This makes it easier for them to capture flying prey to bring back home underground nests. However, these solitary creatures will sting if disturbed and pursue their attacker very aggressively.

This species of heath bumblebee is found statewide in Maine, but the individual colonies are localized. Usually, an individual colony will only be 100 to 300 bees strong. Nests can often be found under bridges or thick grasses on hillsides. When defending themselves, they may give a painful sting, so beware!


It would be best if you never tried to get rid of bumblebees on your own. Hire a professional serviceDavyhulme Bumblebee Nest Removal who has the expertise and experience you need for bee removal. Davyhulme Bumblebee Hive Removal has been removing bumblebees in Manchester since 2006, so they know what it takes to eradicate these pesky insects from your home or business premises safely and effectively. You can call them today to schedule a meeting with our Bumblebee exterminators.